Cowabunga! Here are the Ninja Turtles gadgets

Cowabunga! Here are the Ninja Turtles gadgets
Cowabunga! Let's discover together the funniest Ninja Turtles gadgets on the occasion of the anniversary of the debut of the animated series on 11 December 1987. Don't you know who we're talking about? They are teenagers, they are mutants, they are ninjas and they are turtles. They are four brothers trained in the ancient art of ninjitsu by a humanoid mouse, who fight against mutants, aliens and ninja clans who want to conquer the world. From the sewers of New York to the stars of Hollywood, ninja turtles have been riding the scene since 1984 and do it with style and personality, the right mix that you can find in the ninja turtle gadgets we have selected around the net!

Turtle Power!

Ninja Turtles Gadgets

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt Ceramic Mug with Classic Logo Diorama QUANTUM MECHANIX Q-Fig Treemen pack 4 action Figures TMNT Pack 4 Mini Figures TMNT 1990 Mega Bloks - TMNT Funko Pop Ninja Turtles 8-Bit version

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt

For turtles, the livery on their shell is used to indicate their identity as if it were a fingerprint; maybe a t-shirt will not be as hard and protective as a shell, but it certainly gives who we are in front of a clear sign of who we are and what we like.

Soft model, with quality print that reproduces the group in the unmistakable cartoon design in two versions.

All officially licensed products and sizes from S to XXL.

For the little ones in green color, like turtles of course.

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Ceramic mug with classic Logo

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even the stones know it now, but to start the day in the best way by soaking biscuits in milk, or finish it in serenity while sipping a good Earl Gray tea, this Turtles branded mug is ideal. We certainly advise against soaking a wedge of pepperoni pizza, but who are we to tell you how to use your ninja turtle gadgets?

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Quantum Mechanix's Q-Fig series is a line of static figures that offers a considerable amount of subjects that draw heavily from Pop Culture: Super Heroes, TV Series, Movies etc and plays them in a Super Deformed version that is not too excessive, so no huge heads. Leonardo and Donatello are presented in two dynamic mini dioramas and with a very high quality especially in comparison to the price at which they are offered. The pieces of the Q-Fig line are easily sold out and become little gems in your ninja turtle gadget collection and more.

»Click here to buy QUANTUM MECHANIX - TMNT Leonardo Q-Fig

»Click here to buy QUANTUM MECHANIX - TMNT Donatello Q-Fig

Treemen pack 4 action Figures TMNT

Here is the ninja turtle gadget perfect for those with children little ones who continually attempt to save your personal nerd collection.

With this pack of 4 multi-articulated action figures that reproduce the ninja turtles of the 2003 animated series, you will give your children hours of fun and ninja adventures, and you you can rest assured that at least for a while no one will touch your collector's treasures.

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Pack 4 Mini Figures TMNT 1990

Despite what Master Yoda says about it, the size matters: look at Godzilla. But sometimes the little things are what we really need, and then these 7cm little Ninja Turtle action figures are what we need. They are so practical that you can keep them on your office desk without your boss noticing them, and not even your partner will be able to tell you that you are spending too much on ninja turtle gadgets if they don't notice you are surrounded by them! The product includes the four amphibians for a complete mini collection!

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Mega Block - TMNT

Mega Block, a competitor of Lego which in recent years has rightly earned the respect of fans all over the world thanks to excellent construction kits linked to beloved brands such as Halo, Masters of the Universe, Game of Thrones and of course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too. Very high quality, important collaborations, fun and very dynamic kits should make you look with respect to this Canadian house that wanted to challenge the giant of mattocini. Another strong point of the Mega? the characters have different points of articulation that make them real action figures that can be exhibited in much more action poses than the classic Lego Men.

»Click here to buy Mega Bloks - TMNT - Rooftop combat ( Collector Series)

»Click here to buy Mega Bloks - TMNT - Party Wagon

» Click here to buy Mega Bloks - TMNT - Krang, s Rampage (Collector Series)

> Funko Pop Ninja Turtles 8-Bit version

By now everyone knows Funko Pop, static Action Figures with a near infinite number of characters ranging in the nerd world and culture pop. There is no film, TV series, video game, historical figure that has not become part of the Funko catalog, and if not, it will probably arrive soon. In this collectible cauldron, some ninja turtle gadgets could not be missing. They have produced dozens of variants, we offer you one in which our turtles are in 8-Bit version

»Click here to buy Funko TMNT 8-Bit Michelangelo

» Click here for buy Funko TMNT 8-Bit Leonardo

»Click here to buy Funko TMNT 8-Bit Donatello

» Click here to buy Funko TMNT 8-Bit Raffaello

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