The incentives and bonuses for digital in the 2021 budget law

The incentives and bonuses for digital in the 2021 budget law

From the digitization kit to receive a smartphone on loan for free use to the incentives for new technologies in schools up to the refinancing of the TV bonus

Computer work (Pixabay) The law has also been given the go-ahead by the Senate budget 2021. In the 40 billion euro maneuver, also including European funds, there is new aid to support the country's digitization process, especially through the financing of incentives and bonuses dedicated to families.

Digitization kit

In particular, the digitization kit was confirmed in the final text, i.e. the bonus for families with Isee up to 20 thousand euros to receive a smartphone with data connection for internet browsing and a free loan for one year. subscription to two newspapers.

To benefit from this bonus it will be necessary to have the Spid, and the Io app will be pre-installed on the mobile phone for payments to the public administration and also necessary for cashback. Further access criteria for this bonus will then be specified with the implementing decrees within 60 days of the final approval of the maneuver, but at the moment around 20 million euros have been allocated for this measure.

Bonus tv

Still on the front of incentives for families, the 50-euro TV Bonus for the purchase of TVs or decoders compatible with the new broadcasting standards of the new digital terrestrial Dvtb2 is refinanced with 100 million euros more in 2021 .


As regards the digitization of schools, the government has allocated a fund of 40 million euros intended to accelerate and strengthen the process of innovation of technologies in use in schools of the country. Furthermore, those same funds will also be used to cover the expenses for interventions by the digital training teams of teachers.

20 million euros are also foreseen for the supply of connected digital devices on free loan for a year and intended for online teaching for less well-off students.


For families with Isee less than 20 thousand euros who benefit from the internet and pc bonus, there is also a contribution additional € 100 to be used as a discount on the price of subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and periodicals, also in digital format. For this measure, the executive has allocated 25 million euros for the two-year period 2021-2022.


Finally, in the economic maneuver, the operating fund for small children is increased with one million euros museums intended for the digitization of museum heritage and the creation of podcasts and virtual visits to be used also for e-learning.

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