Games of the Year: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Games of the Year: Final Fantasy VII Remake
There is no specific time to retrieve a historical video game, in any way and on any platform you choose to live it.

But there is the surprise of approaching a new title only when you hear it, perhaps intrigued in knowing the origins of your favorite genre, hoping even to learn something more about those mechanics that are now become a standard but which at the time were unprecedented and innovative.

Getting Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch first helped me understand Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of this year's hottest titles and one of the nominees for the latest The Game Awards as a game of year, yet another PS4 exclusive.

One of the most beautiful and powerful scenes of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Final Fantasy VII is many things, many emotions and many memories especially linked to those who left their heart in Midgar, immaculate like the flower that Aerith gives to Cloud in the opening bars of the game. And reliving that scene was moving, sweet to the point of lulling myself into those compositions that I could no longer get out of my head, and which are now in my heart, decided to stay there forever.

The remake of a video game that represents an important part of the history of the medium is not only a great opportunity for fans but also a big unknown for those who have never had the opportunity to approach Final Fantasy VII, and who for the first time are approaching the events of Cloud as a neophyte, curious to discover everything that surrounds him.

A remake can change some elements and most of the time it does it well, but others incorrectly: for those who were too small (like me) or didn't really exist (like many), everything passes from how the work is restored and rebuilt. And Final Fantasy VII Remake certainly falls into the first series, in all its renewed splendor.

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Aerith is ... simply Aerith. In the case of the title of Square Enix, a painstaking work has been done, and the forty hours of play of episode one, which focuses on Midgar and the surrounding areas, take us around Market Street and its alleys, with their colors gaudy and shops always ready to stock up on potions after every fight.

The most interesting point, considerably facilitated and streamlined, concerns the combat system which takes up the canons of the past, modernizing them. Even if the original one, in my opinion, still remains unforgettable. And while we're at it, does anyone know anything about the second episode? I ask for a friend ...

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