Messagenius, the secure messaging app that winks at the enterprise world

Messagenius, the secure messaging app that winks at the enterprise world
The Coronavirus pandemic that has also hit our country has led to the ever growing need for companies to work remotely, relying on tools for work organization and online communication. However, the most famous and used services do not always comply with the requirements that companies or institutions require in terms of privacy and security of personal data, here Messagenius comes into play. Will it be your new favorite work messaging app?

To avoid the paralysis of activities due to the need for workers to continue their business remotely, according to what in Italy is called "smart working", the various companies had to adapt to the "new normal" with the tools already available at the time of the outbreak of the health emergency.

Among these tools we find Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, as regards professional platforms, and WhatsApp, Telegram or similar in the case of consumer solutions. However, these solutions are not always ideal, as Messagenius recalls in his press release:

“Over the years, in fact, various IT giants, owners of mainstream solutions, have become protagonists of legal disputes related to database access of conversations, documents and sensitive data of users and companies. In a society that is increasingly digitalized and projected towards new dimensions of work, companies, SMEs and state bodies need communication systems capable of guaranteeing not only immediacy but also security, privacy and compliance of the data and information exchanged between workers ".

The idea of ​​Messagenius comes from the creative minds of two Italian developers: Simone Giacco, developer in the "Top 3%" of the best in the world, and Luigi Fidelio, among the 50 innovators selected by the State Department of the United States as an emerging leader for the “Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative” fellowship.

“It is in the combination of security and ease of use that Messagenius has created the enterprise instant messaging solution for secure communications between colleagues, easy and integrated, with vertical solutions for sectors such as transport, energy, telecommunications, finance, health, defense and public administration "recalls the startup.

Among the distinctive elements of Messagenius we find the possibility of installation on proprietary servers of the company and installation on-premises or on private cloud, which guarantee full and exclusive data ownership, compliance and protection of communications.

Not only is Messagenius unable to access conversations and data thanks to the possibility of using end-to-end encryption, but it also allows the company that decides to rely on its services activation of further levels of encryption, according to specific needs.

"Among the available functions, that of internal audit, which allows the inspection of conversations by conditioning them to authorizations, simultaneous and interdependent, by two or multiple managers, each with their own special 'key'. It is also possible to send 'black-hole' messages, which destroy themselves without being saved either by the interlocutor or on the servers, and 'black-box' messages, that is, indelible, immutable and certified ".

Perfectly in line with the rules on data protection and privacy according to the GDPR, the messaging app keeps all data in the so-called "company perimeter". This has aroused the interest of many client companies, both in Italy and abroad and the recognition of many important milestones for the startup.

"In addition to the successes in TIM's open innovation programs, Ferrovie dello Stato , Terna and Sogei, Messagenius was awarded by the telephone operators of GSMA, as one of the most promising scaleups at a global level in the new generation of digital services and connectivity. The company has also been included in the UK cybersecurity elite, with a successful path in the national district LORCA Cyber ​​(London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement).

Still across the Channel, the Department for International Trade of the UK has selected Messagenius for the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP), aimed at supporting the growth and success of foreign entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom ".

Just to give an example, RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) adopts Messagenius for years as a communication and coordination tool for over 20,000 workers. Other large companies such as Open Fiber, RAI and Terna rely on Messagenius' communication system.

Will the service really succeed in imposing itself against competitors of the caliber of Slack and Teams who have unrivaled capital and workforce behind them for a startup? Time will tell us, in any case, an applause must be given to the two Italian entrepreneurs who are making the world known about excellence in the field of digital innovation and cybersecurity.

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