Cybeprunk 2077, guide to the endings

Cybeprunk 2077, guide to the endings
Just as happened in The Witcher series, CD Projekt did not hesitate to create a narrative for Cyberpunk 2077 that included a different epilogue depending on the path followed by the player and the choices made during his game.

For the most part curious, here's our guide to the Cyberpunk 2077 endings.


The following article contains spoilers regarding the main story of Cyberpunk 2077.

We advise you to continue the reading only if you have completed the game or have reached the mission Notturno Op. 55 n ° 1.

How to unlock the three main endings

Inside Cyberpunk 2077 you will have the opportunity to " choose "the epilogue of your story.

Depending on the decisions made during the game, three main roads will open up before you: the ending with Hanako, the one with Panam and the one with Rogue. Let's see them in more detail.

Hanako's ending

The basic option, which anyone can find during his game (regardless of the choices made) is to follow Hanako Arasaka's proposal and testify against her brother Yorinobu to get her to gain control of the corporation.

In this case a much calmer ending will be unlocked, punctuated by several dialogues and explanations regarding the Mikoshi, the engrams and their use, as well as a 'further bifurcation that will lead you to choose between two different epilogues (which we will not reveal).

The Panam ending

If during your game you have completed all the secondary missions dedicated to Panam and to the Aldecaldos (the last of which is Queen of the Highway), during the Notturno Op. 55 mission n ° 1, in addition to the choice to support Hanako, you will be given the opportunity to call them and have them help you to attack the Arasaka Tower.

This finale, decidedly more eventful, will lead you to clash with several enemies, including the infamous Adam Smasher.

Again, you will have the possibility to choose between two epilogues, one dedicated to V, the other to Johnny.

Rogue's ending

If you have completed the missions dedicated to Rogue and his relationship with Johnny (including the Blistering Love mission), you will given the chance to attack the Arasaka Tower along with Rogue.

In this way, you will have the chance to give Johnny one last "spin" and finish what he started years ago.

The last crossroads is almost identical to the one proposed by the Panam finale, with the difference of a different epilogue dedicated to V and the inverted perspective, given that Johnny has control.

Farla finished without wasting other lives

For each of these options, immediately after selecting one of the three ways, you will have the opportunity to repeat get there and finish it there, at that precise moment, throwing the pills down and using the pistol resting on the table.

This will make you reach the credits directly, with some video messages of the other NPCs specially created to coincide with the consequences of your choice.

The secret ending

That's not all! Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to take another path.

Regardless of the path chosen (that of Hanako, Panam or Rogue), when you find yourself having to choose between taking one of the pills or quitting it, wait a few minutes without pause the game.

If you have established a good relationship with him and have "breached his heart" during the Chippin 'In mission, Johnny will open up a third way for you, which is to attack the 'Arasaka Tower, without risking anyone else's life.

In this case, you will enter through the front door and find yourself facing the Arasaka's elite guards.

The fight will not be not quite simple, given that the level of these opponents is around 50. So, if you want to face this ending, we advise you to prepare yourself properly before throwing yourself into the fray, also because the mission does not include checkpoints and if you die it will be game over, what which will take you directly to the titles the tail.

If, on the other hand, you manage to survive, you will be faced with practically the same choices as in the Rogue ending, with also the same epilogues for V and Johnny.

This is ours Cyberpunk 2077 ending guide.

Let us know which one you chose (or which one you got) below in the comments.

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