PS5: Do you want to play with PS VR? It's more complicated than expected, the details

PS5: Do you want to play with PS VR? It's more complicated than expected, the details
One of the first news related to the next-gen had made a (not large but still important) slice of gamers breathe a sigh of relief: PS VR, the Sony PlayStation augmented reality viewer, will be compatible with PS5</a>. Moving on, it turned out that the console is backwards compatible with most of the PS4 catalog. Simply put, VR games are safe and PS5 will allow you to play them. Unfortunately, we now find that the situation is more complicated than expected.

It has indeed been confirmed that PS5 games are not compatible with PS VR. This means that for those upcoming games like Hitman 3 or games that will receive a technical upgrade like No Man's Sky, you won't be able to take advantage of the VR mode if you buy a PS5 copy. The only way to play in VR is to buy the PS4 copy and play through backwards compatibility. As we said, it is complicated.

PSVR The two examples reported partially "solve" the problem. First of all, No Man's Sky will offer a free upgrade and will allow you to move data and save data without problems, so anyone who owns the PS4 version can get the next-gen version without charge and, in case they want to play with PS VR , you can simply start the old-gen version.

Hitman 3, which will be released in January, will offer the possibility to upgrade from the PS4 version to the PS5 version for free, but only in digital format. Therefore, by purchasing the digital PS4 version it is possible to have the PS5 version as well and at the same time not lose access to the VR mode.

However, we specify that, not having been able to try it firsthand, we do not have the definitive confirmation that both versions can be kept installed and that the save data are shared (we only know that they can be "transferred" to the new version).

But there is another problem: buying the PS5 version you don't get the PS4 version, so if you have PS VR and want to use it on PlayStation 5, you need to be careful and buy the PlayStation 4 version, to be exploited then in backwards compatibility format. Finally, let's not forget that in order to play PS VR on PS5 you need to ask Sony for an adapter to connect the peripheral to the new console: it is completely free, but still inconvenient.

We repeat it for the third time: it is complicated, more complicated than what players expected.

PlayStation 5 remains a very interesting console: you can find it on Amazon Italy, along with PlayStation VR.

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