PS5 sets a record, it's the biggest launch ever

PS5 sets a record, it's the biggest launch ever
For several days, fans have made their entry into the new videogame generation and, despite the numerous difficulties inherent in this 2020, the launch of the latest consoles has had a stratospheric success. According to Sony's statements, however, PlayStation has recorded an incredible record: the launch of the PS5 was the biggest ever. The debut of the console took place on November 12, 2020 in only a few countries, and then officially landed in markets around the world on November 19, 2020.

The record in sales at launch achieved by PS5 has passed the same milestone established by PlayStation 4 in 2013, selling approximately 2.1 million units in the first two weeks of market entry. This result is not only important for Sony, but also for the entire video game industry.

# PS5 is the biggest launch in PlayStation and console history! #PlayStation has now sold over 469.5 million home video consoles.

- Volkan Dogru # PS5🔥 (@ VolkanDogru_18) November 28, 2020

“We want to thank players all over the world for having made the PS5 launch our biggest achievement ever, ”says Sony. "The demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that we will be supplying more PS5 units to retailers by the end of the year," concludes the Japanese giant. Beyond that, Sony has already stated that it plans to sell over 7.6 million PS5 units by the end of its fiscal year, which is March 31, 2021, surpassing the launch of PS4 in the same period considered. These statements are comforting and the arrival of new consoles could significantly limit sales at exorbitant prices in the private sector, just as can be seen these days on eBay.

Nevertheless, while it is true that PS5 has significantly exceeded the sales recorded by Series X | S, it is also good to keep in mind that both next-generation consoles have recorded considerable sales figures in their respective launch periods and this is not taken for granted, especially for the historical moment we are experiencing. Currently also the two sisters of the Microsoft house, Xbox Series X | S, both released on November 10, are sold out. Having also established a sales record at launch, Microsoft can still be very satisfied with the work done so far.

PS5 and Xbox Series X | S could be back soon, keep an eye on these addresses! In the meantime, you can continue to have fun with Nintendo Switch lite, available for purchase on Amazon Italy at the following link.

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