BMW 745Le xDrive, luxury by BMW Individual and Ellerman House

BMW 745Le xDrive, luxury by BMW Individual and Ellerman House
Extreme luxury for a BMW 745Le xDrive made by the Individual Manufaktur division. Car that will be used exclusively as a shuttle service from the airport to a luxury hotel in South Africa. Not coincidentally, the one-offs are decidedly unique cars, made with the aim of making them the undisputed protagonists of important commemorations or dedicated to exclusive uses. In this case, Ellerman House requested a unique and special piece, inspired by the very flora of South Africa.

7 Series: when luxury is never enough

The BMW exclusive 745Le xDrive is the result of a long design work completed as a new version intended to perform the function of shuttle for a hotel in Cape Town, the Ellerman House. Looking at the images, the extreme attention to detail inevitably catches the eye.

Not surprisingly, the Bavarian company is known for its specialization in luxury projects. The aesthetic details have also been enriched by an external paint in an unprecedented brass tone; coloring also combined with the 20-inch BMW M light alloy wheels. There is no shortage of “Ellerman House” writings on many details. The designers, in order to create a one-of-a-kind model in terms of style and attention to detail, made use of the advice of Nic Bladen, a well-known South African contemporary artist. Nic Bladen himself, for his personalization work, drew inspiration from the characteristic flora of the African landscape.

Details of the artist's own are clearly evident from the implementation of naturalistic details on the dashboard and in the door panels in which new creations of 3D plants find space. Their presence is evident set in panels with a transparent cover and a black background which therefore accentuates the contrast of colors. Not coincidentally, the detailed work of matching the colors has led to an exclusive representation of South African details.

There is also no little attention paid from the technical point of view. Under the hood of the BMW is a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder plug-in hybrid powertrain, capable of delivering 394 horsepower. The car's electric range is approximately 51 kilometers; an autonomy therefore certainly suitable for the transport of passengers from Cape Town airport to the Ellerman House.

If you are a fan of the German car manufacturer, we would like to point out that the unpublished book is available on Amazon " BMW. A history in series from 1972 to today ".

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