My Hero Academia - confirmed the third film

My Hero Academia - confirmed the third film
A few days ago we brought you back to a series of three teaser images that appeared on all the social channels of My Hero Academia that together had composed the following visual with the caption: "will meet the three musketeers".

< No further details were provided along with the visual, although it was easy enough to recognize Deku, Bakugo and Shoto, however, rumors of the announcement of a third animated film had begun to circulate in anticipation of the anime's Season 5 debut. scheduled for spring 2021.

These rumors have been confirmed by the relay copies of Weekly Shonen Jump 52, which goes on sale tomorrow Monday, November 30 in Japan, which confirms the start of work on the third animated film of My Hero Academia with a celebratory illustration by Kohei Horikoshi in which the release date is generally indicated as the summer of 2021 and a brief statement by the same sensei who reads:

We will make the third film at born! Thanks as always for supporting Deku and everyone else! With the announcement of the second film I said that there would be no more, it's true, but instead here's another one! I am receiving the support of many people. Although I have not been able to sleep lately, I am sleeping vertically.

My Hero Academia 5

My Hero Academia Season 5 will be produced by Studio Bones and should pick up the narrative of events exactly where it left off. After the tremendous battle involving the new Hero Number One, Endeavor, and the Festival of Culture we should in fact initially see the joint training between the heroes of section A and B of the Yuhei High School.

Here is the first teaser leaked in the past few weeks:

My Hero Academia - anime and manga

My Hero Academia is made up of four seasons, all available in free streaming on the VVVVID platform. The first two seasons were broadcast unencrypted by Mediaset networks, obviously dubbed in Italian, between 2018 and 2019. You can recover the series in home video thanks to Dynit which created 3 blu-ray boxes for the first two seasons, also with Italian audio, My Hero Academia Season 1, My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 1 and My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 2.

Crunchyroll has made available the new OVA of My Hero Academia.

The original title of the original episode is Boku no Hero Academia: Ikinokore! Kesshi no Survival Kunren - translated with My Hero Academia Episode OVA - Survive! Survival drill to either go or break it - and sees Class 1-A divided into two teams which will have to pass a drill in which to rescue people (mannequins positioned in certain points of the area) from a fire that broke out in a shopping mall.

As Deku and his team begin searching for the victims to rescue, an area gives way and traps them underground. In addition, they will have to overcome other obstacles using their Quirks and working together to escape and survive.

Two films are also linked to the anime series: Two Heroes and HEROES RISING, both also released for Dynit. As announced a few days ago, the second film will be released exclusively on Netflix on December 24th.

Here is a trailer:

The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and drawn by Kōhei Horikoshi, still being published and now in Volume 26. The manga is published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics which has published 23 volumes so far.

For those unfamiliar with here is a brief synopsis of the series:

In a world where being superheroes is the norm, being born without special powers is equivalent to a real misfortune. Izuku Midoriya will have to go all out to get a superpower, and despite the feat it seems impossible that anyone will eventually notice his abilities.

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