Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart: an eBook for SMEs

Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart: an eBook for SMEs
An eBook that collects virtuous examples and good practices useful for understanding how the emergence of a digital culture is functional to anti-fragility and growth: it is entitled "Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart for SMEs. Stories of innovation: digital as an opportunity for growth for Made in Italy ”and is distributed by Microsoft. It can be consulted freely.

An eBook on the Digital Transformation of Italian SMEs

Yet another piece of the group's commitment to support the Digital Transformation of Italian SMEs by leveraging a ecosystem consisting of 10,000 partners distributed throughout the territory and on a program of training initiatives. The volume is described as a "knowledge-sharing tool" aimed primarily at smaller companies to allow them to become aware of the advantages associated with the use of new technologies, thus inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to react to the current health crisis. with innovation projects capable of preserving business continuity and planning for recovery. This is the comment by Giacomo Frizzarin, Director of the Small, Medium and Corporate Division of Microsoft Italy.

The global health emergency is posing great challenges, not just serious socio-health implications, but equally important economic repercussions. In this context, organizations that have been able to equip themselves with the right technology and still take a few steps forward in their innovation path are proving to be not only resilient but, even better, anti-fragile. Cloud computing represents a precious ally especially for the smaller companies, which dot the economic fabric of the country employing 4.2 million people and who can thus easily access technologies capable of preserving its continuity and supporting its growth.

The eBook features 12 Made in Italy companies operating in the most diverse fields: from food & beverage to design, up to tourism-hotel. They tell about their initiatives, needs and perspectives. They are Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, Bisol 1542, Cantina Toblino, Meregalli Group, Latteria San Pietro, Longino & Cardenal, Lualdi, Pastificio dei Campi (Martino Group),, Spinosi, Umberto Cesari and Venchi.

In all cases there is the cloud at the center of projects as an enabler of innovation, a role held in particular in this period, also thanks to the large-scale adoption of smart working for collaboration with times of distancing.

In the press release, Microsoft explicitly refers to Teams as a platform for remote communication and productivity. We conclude with the words of Luba Manolova, Director of the Microsoft 365 Division of Microsoft Italy who talks about challenges, but at the same time about opportunities to be seized.

There are many challenges for SMEs, but just as many opportunities. Even companies operating in more traditional sectors such as those of Made in Italy can embrace uncertainty and come out enriched. In recent months we have worked closely with some realities that have reacted to the pandemic, inaugurating a new way of working more flexible, collaborative and secure, rethinking processes and models of interaction with the market and sometimes even launching disruptive services in step with the times.

Source: Microsoft

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