Pokémon: After 20 years of banning, Kadabra can return to the game

Pokémon: After 20 years of banning, Kadabra can return to the game
Pokémon could soon see the return of Kadabra, a creature left out of the game due to a ban that lasted 20 years at this point, because the one who had requested its removal has apparently changed his mind, giving the green light to Nintendo.

Just near its 25th anniversary, the Pokémon series could see Kadabra in action again, after the long ban that kept him out of the scene. Uri Geller, the illusionist who initiated the lawsuit against Nintendo asking for Kadabra's removal and getting it, has indeed changed his mind.

"I'm really sorry for what I did 20 years ago," Geller wrote in a Twitter message, "Kids and grown-up adults, I lift the ban. Now it's up to Nintendo to bring Kadabra back into the Pokémon cards. It will be one of the rarest cards at this point! More energy and love to everyone!"

The story is indeed very old: the last time Kadabra officially appeared on the scene was 2003, with the creature in question being one of the first generation psychic Pokémon, subsequently eliminated by Nintendo itself afterwards that the lawsuit initiated by Geller in 2000 had come into action.

The lawsuit had been brought by Geller because he claimed that Kadabra had been modeled on his figure but without asking for any permission: to underline the question was the fact that i The creature's Japanese name was "Yungerer", which can be written as "Yungeller" and the fact that Kadabra is characterized by the ability to bend spoons, always being illustrated with one such tool in hand. This too was a direct reference to Geller's famous "psychic ability".

Following the lawsuit, Nintendo removed Kadabra from the trading card game, however, also modifying some aspects: it was in fact an intermediate evolution between Abra and Alakazam, but Pokémon had to be modified in order to remove the phase intermediary and making Abra could evolve directly into Alakazam. At this point, let's wait to see what Nintendo and The Pokémon Company's move will be, in case Kadabra is actually put back into the game.

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