The best LEGO Cyber ​​Monday deals

The best LEGO Cyber ​​Monday deals
Black Friday is now over, but there is still time for one last day of compulsive shopping in the name of discounts and promotions, Lego knows well that, even if it is not rightly included among the most typical Cyber ​​Monday products ( a day traditionally dedicated to technological offers), has nevertheless decided to offer us a last little opportunity to buy, with some of its sets sold at discounted prices and, for this reason, to be seized!

After all, with Christmas approaching, what's better than giving (or treating yourself) a nice Lego set? Probably nothing! And that's why we invite you to take advantage of this excellent promotion, especially considering that since its launch in the morning some sets have already sold out, and it is plausible that the same fate may also affect other excellent discounted products!

Before leaving you to the offers, however, we would like to remind you that the promotion is still active on the store - already offered to you during Black Friday - which will give you the opportunity to get a gift set with purchases over 150 €! Arriving at the established purchase threshold, in fact, you can also today receive a nice exclusive set dedicated to the celebrated opera "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, and depicting a small diorama starring Ebenezer Scrooge, his unfortunate employee Bob Cratchit and the son of these, little Timmy. The set is small but beautiful and rests on what is a representation (obviously in Lego) of Dickens' book, considered a timeless classic of the Christmas period.

So, without further ado, we propose below what are the Lego products on offer for this Cyber ​​Monday, reminding you that the prices proposed here will be valid only until November 30th or in any case until stocks are exhausted ! Finally, we suggest you subscribe immediately to our four Telegram channels, so you can monitor the best Prime Day offers in real time and dedicated to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products, such as those of Xiaomi brands Redmi and Huawei. Happy shopping!

N.B. The following list does not include promotional products that are currently out of stock.

Lego sets on offer for Cyber ​​Monday

LEGO wooden minifigures | € 95.99 (€ 119.99) Lego Disney - Buzz and Woody and the carnival mania! | € 39.99 (€ 49.99) Lego Ninjago - Jay's Cyber ​​Dragon | € 39.99 (€ 49.99) Lego Friends - Yacht Party | € 63.99 (€ 79.99) Lego Trolls World Tour - Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure | 23,99 € (29,99 €) Lego Trolls World Tour - Techno party at the coral reef | € 19.99 (€ 24.99) Lego Duplo - Steam Train | 47.99 € (59.99 €)

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