TV: the opportunities on Black Friday are many

TV: the opportunities on Black Friday are many
How important was television both during last spring and during this early autumn? The news and the TV series, the marathons on Netflix or the workout, the live streaming or a simple endless zapping to pass the time: never before in this 2020 has the TV returned to the center of the scene as and how much it was perhaps only many years ago. What we have today, however, are smart TVs, intelligent objects that offer an incredible breadth of choice and which, in synergy with special dongles or traditional game consoles, can also become something else and further.

Televisions, Black Friday is out of the ordinary

To consecrate the renewed importance of TVs in this specific historical phase, here are the Black Friday discounts, which in this category more than any other can browse a truly incredible range of opportunities .

Discounts cross the various diagonal dimensions, basically starting from 32 inches (it is difficult to find something smaller and in any case it will not cost convenient) to reach up to 80 inches : one dimension, i In short, which necessarily steals center stage in the living room, dominating the furniture and gluing you to the sofa with the brute force of its pixels.

Amazon has developed a special page where you can browse the discounts and choose the model that's right for you. They range from a saving of 140 euros for a 55-inch model (409 euros) to a saving of 499 euros for a 65-inch model (1499.99 euros), with significant price cuts in every range and on every brand. The feeling is that we are dealing with a sort of generalized end-of-year out of the ordinary, with a 2020 generation extremely rich in quality in which the diagonal has grown further and on which the image quality is at increasingly excellent levels.

Samsung The Frame

The next battles could be at the software and voice assistants level, with Alexa and Google already trying to get into everyone's habits to "give voice" to the TV and put it once more in the center of the scene. Today's models will be respected for a long time, also because an extra dongle will always be enough to add additional functions and contents. In short: it is a good time to hang a new TV in the living room, or otherwise it will be necessary to wait for spring, the pre-European offers and the further cut on the costs of what is the current 2020 generation.

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