PlayStation 5: how to activate screen sharing with a friend

PlayStation 5: how to activate screen sharing with a friend
Among the various innovations introduced by the PlayStation 5 operating system we also find "Screen Sharing", a feature through which you can see in real time what a friend is doing in a small window in the corner of the screen (picture-in -picture).

How to share your screen with a friend

The first step to activate this feature is to invite any of your friends to a party and, to do so, you need to log into the Game Base from the Control Center (we suggest you read our guide on how to access the friends list and create a party on PS5) and then press the Square button: in this way you can see the list of friends on the screen and invite them to your party. Once the friend with whom you want to share the screen has accepted the invitation, log in to the Control Center, go to Game Base and click with the X button on your friend's avatar in the "recent parties" section to access his profile and finally select “View voice chat”. In this new screen there are several options, but the one that interests you is the first icon, the one with two small monitors (Start Screen Sharing): click on it and your friend will receive a notification to start seeing your screen. To stop the broadcast, all you have to do is click again on the same icon, which now has a small monitor and an X.

How to see a friend's screen

If, on the other hand, you want to receive another player's images, everything is much simpler. First, accept the invitation received from your friend to a party, so that he can start the video transmission: at this point you will receive a notification on the screen that you can immediately accept by clicking the central button of the DualSense. In case you miss the pop-up, just press the PS button and the first box on the left of the menu, before the one dedicated to the party, should correspond to the possibility of seeing your friend's broadcast. By accepting the request you will also be given the opportunity to decide where to place the small box on the screen or whether to decide to see it in a side column, however reducing the portion of the screen dedicated to your game.

It should be noted that both players can follow the first step to make each one play by looking at what is happening in the other's game in a small box, both to facilitate cooperative sessions and to have fun, perhaps watching each other's deaths in Demon's Souls. Also, don't be afraid if the screen goes black for a moment, the broadcast will stop automatically when a player enters the console's main menu or performs other actions that cannot be streamed.

If you want to discover other secrets of the new Sony console, we remind you that on our pages you will also find the guide on how to see the time spent in each game on the PlayStation 5.

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