The best horror movies and TV series to watch on Prime Video

The best horror movies and TV series to watch on Prime Video
Scrolling through the Amazon Prime Video catalog, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide choice of TV series and horror movies. In addition to the classics of genre cinema, we find many films that are among the most popular B-Movies ever that are almost impossible to find in home videos. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the constantly updated Prime Video offer.

With this article, however, we are going to recommend the classics of the horror genre available on the online streaming platform. We have chosen for you a selection of truly unmissable TV series and films.

The TV Series

American Horror Story The X-Files Supernatural Preacher Lore Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Movies

Suspiria Sinister Dawn of the Dead The House of a Thousand Bodies Drag Me to Hell

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is the anthology horror TV series par excellence. On Prime Video you will find the first eight seasons, each of them will tell a different story, in a crescendo of tension and horror. The TV show is signed by veterans Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and in the various seasons the cast has also changed, although it has retained some performers such as Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates.

The first season (Murder House ) follows the story of psychiatrist Ben Harmon, his wife Vivien and their daughter Violet struggling with a "haunted" house, the second (Asylum), on the other hand, is set in a former asylum. The third (Coven) tells the story of a coven of witches in a school that remembers so much the settings and atmospheres of Suspiria by Dario Argento. The fourth (Freak Show) is set in a circus where inexplicable facts happen, the fifth (Hotel), sees the participation of an immense Lady Gaga, and follows the events of the guests of a hotel in Los Angeles.

Season 6 (Roanoke) is a meta-cinematic story and tells the story of a family after a painful loss, followed by the recording of a documentary about them. The seventh part (Cult) is certainly the one with the greatest references to international politics and takes place during and after the election of Trump as president of the United States of America, a fact that will affect the whole story.

The octave (Apocalypse) and last season available on Prime Video (we remind you that ten seasons of the series have been produced to date) is the first that does not clearly present the anthological aspect of the show, in fact it is a crossover between Murder House and Coven.

American Horror Story is absolutely not to be missed for all lovers of the horror genre.

The X-Files

Great classic of the genre that is established between horror and science fiction, The X-Files is the big news of the recent days of Amazon Prime Video. Fans of the series enjoyed seeing Mulder and Scully again in their adventures as FBI agents dealing with aliens and unexplained situations. The TV show has really written the history of TV series and does not need many presentations.

On Amazon Prime Video you will find ten seasons, the eleventh one aired in 2018 is missing. The two canonical films are also missing. , The X-Files - The Film and The X-Files - I want to believe it respectively from 1998 and 2008.


Supernatural is a TV series that has been keeping us company since 2005. Tra alti and bass, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have given us some healthy entertainment between horror and comedy. Some of the episodes played by the two main actors Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean), to which Misha Collins (Castiel) is added, are real cult in the history of television.

Supernatural is an almost anthological series, which is divided into great narrative cycles, each of them different from the previous one, even if the subject matter dealt with from the second season onwards focuses on demonology, even if there are “filler” episodes that maintain the original character of the series. On Amazon Prime Video all the seasons produced so far, fifteen are available. If you need a TV show, light, undemanding and with distinctly horror features, Supernatural is what you are looking for.


All four seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video that make up the unmissable TV series Preacher, masterfully interpreted by Dominic Cooper, Joe Gilgun and Ruth Negga. Based on the Vertigo DC comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher follows the story of an unorthodox priest, Jesse Custer, who fights real demons and inner demons together with Cassidy, a somewhat sui generis vampire, and his flame of Tulip youth.

The preacher Jesse Custer, in a crisis of vocation, will embark on a cathartic journey in search, real, of God. The show, in fact, revolves around the physical search for God, but on the road that divides the three adventurers and the deity there will be many obstacles. And you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions or "non-purchased paginated dogs".


Lore is an anthological docuseries that explores the folklore all around the world. The show consists of two seasons available on Amazon Prime Video and each episode will tell the viewer a different story. Disturbing tales that have given rise to myths and legends that have come down to our days. In these two seasons we will meet, for example, the Robert Doll and her story of possession and sadness, we will discover the story of Elisabeth Bathory, the curse of the Prague clock.

In addition to these gruesome stories, in Lore there are also stories that, seen through the eyes of citizens of the contemporary world, make us reflect a lot, as in the episode about Hadley's Witch. Some stories mix science and superstition like the one about Dr. Freeman, the father of prefrontal lobotomy. In short, all these events that make us shiver and at the same time reflect on the concept of tradition and folklore.

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer is one of the series cult horror genre and fantastic. The story follows Buffy, the huntress chosen to kill vampires and defend the human race, and her friends in Sunnydale, a charming American town that hides unspeakable dark and mysterious secrets. Buffy will have to face a different enemy in every season (all seasons of the US-made serial are available on Amazon Prime).

The TV series was created by Joss Whedon and is based on his 1992 film titled namesake on the TV show. It is no mystery that Buffy, which aired from 1997 to 2003 was a serial with global success and which has consecrated many famous faces of Hollywood and the small screen, including Sarah Michelle Gellar in the role of Buffy and Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) who plays her friend Willow.


Suspiria is one of the cornerstones of horror cinema of all time. The work is signed by Dario Argento and on Amazon Prime Video we also find the remake made by Luca Guadagnino in 2018. We advise you to watch them both, since they are two profoundly different films even if connected by the fil rouge of witchcraft.

The story of Suspiria follows the events of some young students of a dance school (Swiss in the first film, German in the second). In addition to the sequins and the discipline of a very severe dance academy of the highest level, there is an unspeakable secret that lies behind the curtains of what appears, to all intents and purposes, a mortuary in which time is marked by a slow and rigorous rattle.

The rest of the plot is now history, but seeing this film after forty years makes us understand how much the genius of the director Dario Argento, supported by a respectable technical department and by music by the composer Goblin, contributed to the Italian and international cinema revolution of those years.


Scott Derrickson in 2012 directs Sinister one of the most popular horror films of the last years. To play the role of the protagonist we have Ethan Hawke who plays the role of Ellison Oswalt, a writer of novels based on crime facts. With his family he moves into a house, which was the scene of a heinous murder. The rest of Ellison's family, of course, don't know what happened in that house, and they start witnessing inexplicable facts.

When the protagonist finds a series of Super 8 movies in the attic he will start putting together the pieces of a puzzle that appears to be demonic, coming from another dimension. The film is really well constructed and keeps the viewer glued to the screen in a crescendo of tension and situations at the limit of the imaginable.

Dawn of the Dead

Unmissable zombie movie shot from that who was the father of the zombies, George Romero. In this 1978 film, Romero grapples with zombies for the second time since Night of the Living Dead and before Day of the Dead. The film is part of the trilogy that the great director has given to all zombie lovers, and has helped to bring the hordes into the canons and stereotypes of genre cinema.

The setting of the film is the shopping center on whose roof the protagonists find themselves landing. After an initial period in which the protagonists camped out, forced into isolation in the large complex of shops, the first problems began to arise in the group. It is clear that the zombies for Romero were only a pretext to tell stories to the limit and make them understandable to a wide target audience. Dawn of the Dead is an absolutely unmissable classic.

The House of a Thousand Bodies

Rob Zombie in 2003 gives us one of the most successful horror films of the last twenty years, the House of a Thousand Bodies , whose sequel will be the less fortunate The Devil's House of 2005. The film is set in the late seventies and follows the stories of four young travelers in search of adventure. The boys will end up in the clutches of something that not even they will be able to understand and the situation will become truly unspeakable.

In the film we have all the clichés of early 2000s American horror cinema, but Rob Zombie manages to create a mix and match really fine, for a mixture of influences and stories that all converged in a great cauldron of terror.

Drag Me to Hell

Someone might turn up their noses at the presence of Drag Me to Hell in this list of the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The film, in fact, had a lot of criticism, but we must give this film a second chance, because the themes and above all the staging are really noteworthy.

Sam Raimi signs the direction of this horror imbued of everyday life and everyday reality. The premise from which all the horror in the story starts is a failure done by a bank employee to a Roma gypsy. The employee refused to grant a loan to the woman who begged her on her knees. This despicable gesture will trigger a series of horrific events, in a truly heart-pounding climax.

If you are interested in learning more about the cinema of Rom Zombie we recommend purchasing the blu-ray of The Zombie Horror Picture Show at this link.

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