Amazon Prime Video Best War Movies | October 2020

Amazon Prime Video Best War Movies | October 2020
Battlefields, depths of the abyss and pitched battles: these are the winning ingredients for a perfect war film. The adherence to the story does not matter, the important thing is that the story told offers the audience a story that makes the war its narrative fulcrum. Within the programming of streaming services, among the many proposals, even war movies, or war movies to put it in the American way, show their muscles, with exciting proposals, between new ideas and great classics. In order to choose which war to join, we decided to find out which are the best war movies from Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video best war movies:

1917 Wind Talkers Fury Saving the Soldier Ryan Emperor Enemy at the gates Thirteen Days USS Indianapolis If you want to try the Amazon Prime Video service you can subscribe to it at this link


Set during the First World War, the film by Sam Mendes tells the story of two English corporals, Tom Blake and William Schofield, charged with crossing a war zone to warn an English division of the danger that looms: the Germans have lured them into a trap. To motivate them, the presence of Blake's brother in the division in danger.

1917 is a war film born from the stories that Sam Mendes heard from the voice of his grandfather Alfred Humbert Mendes, soldier of the 1st Rifle Brigade during the First World War. The result is an intense war movie, which is based on the thrilling acting of George McKay, interpreter of Corporal Schofield, and embellished by the presence of illustrious names of the cinema in small parts, such as Benedicth Cumberbatch, Mark Strong and Colin Firth. >
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John Woo tells in his own way the story of the windtalkers, Navaho Indians who served during the Second World War as communications officers, using their native language to confuse the enemy. Their role was so important that they had a military man who always protected them, even ready to kill them in case of capture, to prevent the enemy from exploiting them to interpret communications

Joseph Enders (Nicholas Cage), after a hospitalization following the wounds sustained during a battle at the Solomons, he returns to active duty as escort of a windtalker, the simple soldier Yahzee, engaged on the Pacific front. A friendship is born between the two, which is consolidated during the most violent episodes of the war.

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Set in the Second World War, David Ayer's film tells the story of the crew of an American tank, renamed Fury. In command of the armored vehicle is Sergeant Don Collier (Brad Pitt), who becomes the mainstay of this team, including a recruit who will learn the dark truth of war.

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Saving Private Ryan

1998 film directed by Steven Spielberg, Saving Ryan's Private is arguably one of the best war films ever made. In the days following the Normandy landings, a group of soldiers is sent to retrieve James Ryan, the only survivor of four brothers who took part in the offensive in Europe and lost beyond enemy lines. Entrusted to Captain Miller (Tom Hanks), this mission brings a handful of soldiers to move in a war-torn France still under the Nazi yoke.

The opening scenes reproducing the D-Day Landing in Omaha Beach are a very talented demonstration, with a detailed and gory reconstruction of an extremely bloody chapter of the Second World War. Spielberg has managed to create a thrilling story of determination and sacrifice, with some heartbreaking and epic scenes

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Peter Webber Tells a Different Side of War: What Awaits the Survivors. Emperor recounts the investigation by General Bonner Fellers (Matthew Fox), charged with verifying the role of the Japanese emperor Hirohito in the decisions of the Empire of the Rising Sun during the Second World War. In the States, Hirohito's head is clamored as revenge for Pearl Harbor, but General McArthur (Tommy Lee Jones) wants to allow Japan to reserve itself without further complications

Fellers investigation reveals an organization corrupt bureaucratic that has raised the Emperor to a purely marginal role, making Hirohito emerge as a weakling.

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The enemy at the gates

During the Stalingrad Battalgia, the young soldier Vasily Zajcev (Jude Law) becomes a legend for the Soviet troops, proving himself to be the deadliest sniper in the Red Army. A fame that forces the Germans to send their best marksman, Erwin Konig, to Stalingrad, giving rise to a lethal rivalry that has only one end: the death of one of them.

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Thirteen Days

After the Second World War, the dynamics changed and from the battlefields we pass to the exhausting wars of espionage. History is full of these examples, and Thirteen Days tells one of the most intense chapters of the Cold War: the Cuban missile crisis. Kevin Kostner, Steven Culp and Bob Greenwood star in a compelling historical reconstruction.

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USS Indianapolis

Durante World War II the USS Indianapolis and its crew, led by Captain McVay, are entrusted with a top secret mission, but during the crossing, the cruiser is sunk by a Japanese submarine. The crew will experience five days of hell in shark-infested waters. Of the 1197 crew members, only 317 will be found alive, and upon returning home the captain will have to accept the harsh consequences of the command.


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