The Covenants of the Shadowlands: Kyrian

The Covenants of the Shadowlands: Kyrian
In the new expansion of World of Warcraft, players will face the dangers of the afterlife with the help of the inhabitants of these lands and during the main campaign they will have the opportunity to get a taste of all four Covenants, being able to immediately try the class skill of the coven and the distinctive ability, before choosing which coven to join.

We continue to offer you the guides where we will deepen the various covenants. After we have told you about the Necroslords of Maldraxxus and the Sylphs of the Night, we will tell you about the Kyrians of the Bastion!

The Kyrians of the Bastion

Only the most deserving souls are part of the honorable Kyrians, " unabashed guardians of the afterlife ".

Distinctive Ability:

" Summon: Factotum ": Asks the Factotum to bring a Vial of Serenity, which when consumed regenerates some of the maximum health and dissolves all the active effects of curse, disease, poison and bleeding. The Factotum provides access to a selection of useful services once a day. Coven Class Skill:

Death Knight: Bind Unworthy: Warns the target for past transgressions, reducing damage dealt to you and dealing periodic Arcane damage. Unworthy Bind's cooldown is reduced when dealing damage to the affected enemy with a rune-consuming attack.

Demon Hunter: Lysandre Decree: Engraves the ground in front of exploding runes, dealing Arcane damage and providing Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies.

Druid: Kindred Spirits: Create a bond with an ally. With a cooldown, you can upgrade the bond for a certain amount of time, getting an effect based on the role of the bonded companion and giving it an effect based on your role.

Hunter: Resonant Arrow: Fires a resonant arrow at the target location and fills the area of ​​the echoing Animum. The effect allows attacks to ignore line-of-sight restrictions of enemies in the area and increases the critical chance against targets in the area of ​​effect.

Mage: Radiant Spark: Summons a spark that inflicts arcane damage instantly and additional periodic damage. The target takes a percentage of additional damage from your direct spells, and the effect builds up each time the target is hit. The effect ends after a certain number of spells.

Monk: Weapons of the Order:

For a short period of time, the mastery index increases by a certain percentage. Also:

With the Impetus specialization, Rising Sun Kick's chi cost is reduced by 1 and Darkening Kick reduces the cooldown time of Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury.

With the Brewmaster specialization, the cooldown of Barrel Throw instantly resets and enemies hit by Barrel Throw take additional damage from you. Stacks up to a certain number of times.

With the Mysticism specialization, the cooldown of Source of Essence is instantly reset and heals nearby allies at the start and end of the channel.

Paladin: Divine Chime: Instantly casts Holy Lightning, Shield of the Avenger, or Judgment at various targets within range (based on current specialization).

Priest: Gift of the Ascended: Grants the Gift of the Ascended, giving access to Nova Ascension and Detonation Ascent and increasing movement speed. Both abilities deal damage to enemies, heal allies, and amass power that unleashes in a powerful blast of damage and healing at the end of Gift of the Ascended duration.

Thief: Thundering Rebuke: Deals arcane damage to an enemy, extracting the Animum to get 1 Charged combo point in Animum. The decisive attack moves that consume the same number of Charged combo points to Animum deal damage as if they consumed 7 combo points.

Shaman: Vespers Totem: Summons a totem at the target location for 30 seconds. The next 3 casts of spells or attacking abilities cause the totem to radiate arcane damage to nearby enemies, and the next 3 casts of healing spells cause the totem to heal up to 6 nearby allies. Casting the ability again while the totem is still active allows you to reposition it.

Sorcerer: Offering: Inflicts Arcane damage instantly and additional periodic damage. If the enemy dies while suffering from Offering, it grants additional Soul Fragments. If he survives, his cooldown is reset to 0.

Warrior: Bastion Spear: Throws a Kyrian spear at the target location, dealing Arcane damage instantly and additional periodic damage. Generate anger. Enemies remain tied to the Bastion Spear's location for the duration of the effect.

But class abilities aren't the only Shadowlands Coven bonus. As players increase their Renown as the Coven Campaign progresses, players will unlock new Soul Binding powers, gear and cosmetics items, exclusive mounts and pets.

Kyrian Soul Bindings

Soul Bindings are special enhancements, reminiscent of the old talent branches or Legion artifacts, which once unlocked and activated, give players various bonuses in and out of combat.

characters with whom to form a bond (soulbind conduits) among the Kyrians are:

Pelagos: “trains diligently to ascend even in the face of adversity. Together with Kleia, his other Soul Bond, Pelagos soon becomes your friend as you ask for an audience with the Archon and face the threat of the Unworthy. Despite the trials he faces, the determined and optimistic Pelagos never gives up “. Kleia: "He met you while he was still an Aspirant. He has shown his Soulbound Pelagos and the rest of the Kyrians that he wants to move forward and pass every challenge they face. He is a thoughtful guide towards you and Pelagos and will do everything he can to protect his friends and the Bastion “. Supreme Forgiveness Mikanikos: “A Bastion Factotum, he was a promising young man who quickly climbed the ranks to become Supreme Forgiveness. He was the main inventor of the Bastion's most iconic works. After recognizing your potential as Calcafauce, he has become your incredible ally to help you solve the problem of Animum's drought and other threats. "

Choosing a Coven

If your character embodies the values ​​of honor and dedication of the lofty souls of the Bastion, the angelic hosts of the Kyrians are the place!

However as anticipated before, skills and different soul constraints, affect the stats of the characters and their potential during encounters in raids, expeditions and clashes with other players. So if your goal is to perform at your best, unfortunately you will have to go with the Coven that allows you, thanks to the combination of soul constraints and skills best suited to your class.

N.B. : The choice of a Coven is not definitive, and even if it is penalizing, it is possible to change your affiliation if the Coven you have chosen you do not like anymore or has undergone changes that have made it the non-optimal option.


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Last modified: November 29, 2020

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