Secretlab World of Warcraft: the new Horde and Alliance gaming chairs

Secretlab World of Warcraft: the new Horde and Alliance gaming chairs
Secretlab, a manufacturer of gaming chairs known all over the world, is ready to show us a new proposal: the Secretlab World of Warcraft. Secretlab is Blizzard's choice for the creation of two gaming chairs dedicated to the Horde and the Alliance.

"Each chair reflects the distinctive look and aesthetics of the two warring factions: inspired by banners of Stormwind City and the barbed roofs and daring red flags inside Orgrimmar's Horde stronghold, Secretlab World of Warcraft's gaming chairs will give players a collectible never seen before. "

The Secretlab World of Warcraft Horde and Alliance are available for two models of the company's gaming chairs: OMEGA and TITAN. The materials used were designed to ensure high breathability, without ever overshadowing the sensation to the touch. Gaming chairs are in fact extremely soft, but also highly resistant. Furthermore, Secretlab chairs are designed for simple and intuitive assembly.

We also remind you of the main features of the two models available for the Secretlab World of Warcraft:

OMEGA: maximum 180 cm high, maximum 110 kg weight TITAN: between 175 and 200 cm high, maximum 130 kg weight Secretlab has also launched a contest that allows you to win various prizes, including a Secretlab World of Warcraft Allenza / Horde gaming chair. Participation is free and you can find all the information about it on the official page of the Secretlab website.

If you want to buy the Omega or Titan version of the Secretlab World of Warcraft, all you have to do is follow the link below :

Click here to book a Secretlab World of Warcraft on the official website We also remind you that many other versions of Secretlab gaming chairs have been presented, such as the Black3 editions, The Joker edition, but also the Rust version (with exclusive DLC)!

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