Tesla removes the Regenerative Braking Adjustment

Tesla removes the Regenerative Braking Adjustment
In one of the latest updates released, Tesla removed the option that allowed the driver to decide the force of the regenerative braking that the car performs automatically when the foot is lifted from the accelerator.

Braking regenerative is a very useful feature, since it allows you to recharge the batteries under braking, and to wear the brake pads more slowly. Often, however, those who are not used to driving an electric car are not comfortable with this function, and for this reason the possibility of reducing the force of automatic regenerative braking was introduced. As you can see from the image, the menu provided the possibility to choose between 'Standard' and 'Low' as regards the braking force; by setting to 'Low' mode, when the accelerator was released the car would have continued its movement in a more natural way, with much less sensitive braking.

Removing this feature is at least a questionable choice by Tesla. Judging from what you read on the industry forums and among fans, the feature was very popular and used for the most diverse reasons: there are those who used the 'Low' setting to reduce the feeling of car sickness, or to travel more comfortably on the motorway without having to worry about excessive slowing down if you want to take your foot off the accelerator pedal. In general, removing a useful feature is always a mistake, and we find it very difficult to understand why.

Unfortunately for us, and for all those who used this feature, it is difficult for Tesla to comment on this: in fact, the company has made official the dismantling of the entire team dealing with press relations a few weeks ago. In December 2019 the head of the division, Keely Sulprizio, left the company and moved to other shores, and since then the team has been slowly reduced and its members have found space in other sectors of the company. >
Difficult days for Tesla, which in the Netherlands was reported to the Tesla Claim Foundation by about 100 owners dissatisfied with the quality of the cars.

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