Covid19 Italy, a new tool to read data

Covid19 Italy, a new tool to read data
In the recent past we had suggested some important reference points for reading the data relating to the progress of the pandemic in Italy: these are official sources from which raw and reliable data can be recovered that can be used for a full discernment on what is happening at the national. Now a new resource is added to the previous ones, operating a "mediation" work that does not interpret the data, but simply makes them available in graphic form: it is "Covid19 Italia", a site that does "Predicting is better than treating "A real battle cry within this second wave.

Covid19 Italy: from numbers to graphs

The new evolved dashboard was brought online only a few days later long months spent analyzing the contagion data from the various regions of the country.

Those who followed this type of data had seen it widely in time: whether the interpretations (politicized or not, denial or not, pro-industrial or not) had tried to pull the numbers for the jacket, the data from Covid19 Italy instead they had simply drawn forecast charts that drew what the numbers have been saying for months. One thing is clear: the numbers have never lied and today exactly what could have been foreseen at least since the beginning of September is happening.

The graphics of the site are developed by Davide Tosi, Alessandro Riva and Alice Schiavone of the University of Insubria; the source of the data is in the ISS / Civil Protection databases. Warning: numbers, as well as graphs, are complex matter and rarely express simplified concepts. The data must therefore be studied and understood, used as raw material for reasoning that must find supporting scientific bases.

If the data-driven approach necessarily becomes fundamental in this phase of analysis of the situation and of the response to restrictions imposed by the latest DPCM, Covid19 Italy is a tool that can be very useful for companies and journalists, as well as for individuals, to base their forecasts, analyzes and projects for tomorrow on science.

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