Halloween, five cooperative games to celebrate from home

Halloween, five cooperative games to celebrate from home
Halloween has always been considered the most mysterious night of the year. One in which anything can happen, and where the supernatural horror can manifest itself anywhere. Unfortunately, this year many will be forced to celebrate at home, without friends. But luckily we are in the age of the internet, for which a video game with an option for multiplayer, a connection and a couple of companions equipped in the same way are enough to be in company, albeit at a distance. To help you organize the evening, we have therefore decided to suggest you five horror-themed cooperative online multiplayer titles, with which to spend a night full of play and fear, waiting for a local Michael Myers to visit you for real. br>

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies

The first "game" on our list, drawn up in strict alphabetical order, is actually one of the most popular modes within Call of Duty Black Ops 4, namely the zombie-themed one. The game ingredients are as simple as they are effective: there are different campaigns between the basic ones and those that can be purchased separately, each with unique mechanics and settings, with a particularly different level design that always guarantees a certain variety to the games, but always with the purpose ending of killing enemy creatures, uncovering secrets and surviving the waves. All by arming himself to perfection and at the same time taking advantage of an extremely in-depth character growth system, through which to try to facilitate the task to get to complete the path.

Dead By Daylight

For those who prefer a slower but no less frightening pace to the frenetic mechanics of a classic first person shooter, our advice is to play with Dead By Daylight. For those few who don't know it, let's say it's a four-on-one multiplayer game in which one player plays a killer, and the others the four victims who must be able to escape. At the beginning of each game, the killer does not know where the other users are, and must therefore roam the scenarios in search of them. To flush them out, he must pay attention to details such as the noises they can produce. After finding them, the killer must be able to stun them with his weapons. The fugitives, for their part, must obviously avoid being found, taking care not to generate disturbing noises and to leave visible traces. Their goal, identical on each map, is to find and activate four electric generators and then run away from the exits that will open.

Dying Light

Let's talk about the undead and similar creatures, but this time in a title that offers a different gameplay than that of other themed titles, given that it is focused on elements yes shooter, but also survival horror and action, with the characters that can use parkour techniques to move quickly, as well as hand-to-hand combat. Techland's Dying Light offers a truly remarkable amount of content, between PvP and cooperative modes. The latter can be shared from the beginning to just before the end of the campaign, in a collaborative mode designed particularly well on a structural level, where each character is independent and acts on his own. The attention to detail and the relaunch of the nocturnal phase as an element capable of really frightening the player are all aspects that enrich the gaming experience by offering a type of challenge that is always varied and exciting.

Left 4 Dead 2

Another game based on the cooperative, even if with a more frenetic pace than that of the previous paragraph in terms of shooting, Left 4 Dead 2 represents an almost obligatory choice for those who love pure action. Four players, in the role of as many survivors, must face hordes of the infected, using every means at their disposal to survive, also taking advantage of the safe places to rest and reload their weapons, to reach the extraction points. In general, the cooperative experience of Left 4 Dead 2 is excellent: the basics of the game remain those of the chapter that precedes it, but thanks to the setting in the southwestern part of the United States, it is richer in content and offers a more complete from the past, much more varied and adrenaline. This is also thanks to the developer's skill in being able to properly characterize every single scheme, making the environments credible and giving an end to the survivors, on their way to reach the military and the long-awaited salvation.

World War Z

Although from the point of view of the structure and mechanics the game is quite derivative, a "son" in some ways of the aforementioned Left 4 Dead, World War Z remains a good title to play in multiplayer (it is cross-platform on PC, PS4 and Xbox One possible). Saber Interactive's game has great moments, in particular those that testify to the ability of the Swarm Engine to move thousands of zombies on the screen, who like a swarm crowd on walls and nets in order to climb over them and run in the direction of the player. Situations that faithfully follow the sequences of the film with Brad Pitt. Users can decide to play online cooperative missions for four participants, enjoying a rich progression system that allows them to unlock new skills for each of the available classes, purchase more powerful weapons and view narrative sequences that illustrate the background of each. of playable characters.

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