Apple is studying its alternative to the Google search engine

Apple is studying its alternative to the Google search engine

Apple focuses on developing its own crawler for online searches. In this way it will be able to become independent from Google's services and thus become its competitor

(Photo by Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) The recent activities of the US Antitrust regulators have prompted Apple to seriously consider the possibility of developing a search crawler to be included in Siri, thus becoming a valid competitor of Google.

The excessive power of Big G in the field of online research has often made it the subject of investigations into the anticompetitive nature of its business . So much so that even recently the Mountain View giant has come under the scrutiny of the Italian Competition Authority.

These continuous actions have however pushed Apple to try to become a possible competitor Google . A somewhat ironic move if you think that the antitrust actions, which are intended to make small companies more competitive, actually compete with the large companies that already dominate the sector.

The existence of an Apple Bot Crawler, a software capable of analyzing the contents of the network in an automated and methodical way to find as many results as possible related to the user's request, has been known since 2015. It is only with the new operating system for iPhone, iOs 14 that uses Google's search engine much less, which has re-emerged Apple's intention to focus on developing its own tool for searching for information on the web.

These search method improvements and enhancements have been inserted by Cupertino in Siri and in Spotlight searches. According to the Financial Times report, however, Apple's goals would be much broader than simply creating its own web search method.

Apple with this move could start the path that would make it much less dependent on Google, if not completely autonomous, which, in some way, could affect Cupertino's pockets. The company would collect about $ 12 billion annually from Google to ensure that the Mountain View search engine is standard on all Apple devices.

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