For the European Parliament, meat can be vegetable, milk cannot

For the European Parliament, meat can be vegetable, milk cannot

A few days later the assembly was called to deliberate on the vegetable alternatives of milk and meat. With two opposite outcomes

(Photo via Pixabay) After the green light for the terms referring to meat for vegetable products, the European Parliament has instead decided for a stricter measure regarding the denominations of dairy products. With a vote of the plenary assembly, the assembly decided to reiterate the opposition to the use of the name milk for products based on soy, almond and other derivatives of non-animal origin.

Since 2017, with the decision of the European Parliament to protect milk production in Europe, it is forbidden in all EU countries to use names such as soy milk, oat milk and the like on the labels of products on the market, just as the names of butter, yogurt or cheese associated with ingredients of plant origin. But with the recent vote, Parliament has decided on a further tightening that also prohibits "evocations and imitations: for example, the use of expressions such as a drink such as milk or milk substitute", reads the words of the president of Assolatte, Paolo Zanetti, reported by Il Sole 24 Ore.

In short, while the reasons for the meat industry have not been heard, the European Parliament has maintained a hard line on the protections for the milk industry. Furthermore, with the crackdown on possible terminological associations that can deceive consumers, potentially misled by terms such as "style", "gender" or "type", Parliament actually guarantees similar protection to dairy products and dairy products. to that reserved for DOP and IGP products.

The parliament's decision certainly represents a further victory for producers of milk and its derivatives throughout Europe, a market that has substantially withstood the impact of closures and lockdowns well with growth in both production and in the export of derivative products, as highlighted by the European observatory. Between January and August 2020, for example, European butter exports to major destinations outside the Union increased by 42% compared to the same period last year.

But the market is also growing at the same time of plant alternatives. According to the estimates released by The Vegan Society website, in fact, the vegetable drinks sector in Europe in 2019 produced a total turnover of over 1.7 billion euros and overall occupy a market share of 14% of the entire sector.

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