Lucca Changes: M ¥ SS KETA and Fumettibrutti talk about Gender Power

Lucca Changes: M ¥ SS KETA and Fumettibrutti talk about Gender Power
On the second day of Lucca Changes a meeting was held between two very important artists linked to Gender Power, as per the title of the conference. The two are M ¥ SS KETA, a Milanese rapper who has now become a pop icon for many of his songs that are very over the top, such as The Girls of Porta Venezia, and Josephin and Yole Signorelli aka Fumettibrutti, an Italian cartoonist who has achieved several great successes in recent years, especially with his latest volume P. My trans adolescence with which the artist has come out. Despite the fact that they come from different worlds of entertainment, namely music and comics, there was an immediate harmony both in the arguments and in the opinions of the two artists, at their first face to face meeting.

M ¥ SS KETA talked about how his single, The girls of Porta Venezia represents a state of mind rather than a geographical one, which pays homage to those who think for themselves and follow their own path regardless of the negative comments of society. Precisely for this reason the singer is convinced that Fumettibrutti could be perfectly suited to the role of girl from Porta Venezia. For its part, Fumettibrutti has instead said that he would see M ¥ SS KETA well in one of his comics, so much so that it could even be a guiding spirit for her.

The discussion continued with a speech related to the public figure formed by the two artists, who sometimes exploit their image and sometimes an extreme method of communication, both with songs and with comics, to convey some messages believed to be true by both. The two then talked about their relationship with the web, such as M ¥ SS KETA who said how this medium was fundamental to give birth to her character, and that it is now very important for her work. The speech then also ended on the more toxic aspect of the internet, where both talked about haters and verbal violence that is often found on the web and how certain comments, even reaching both artists, are really full of wickedness and difficult. to believe that someone really writes them.

Despite this, both argue that the web is also a medium that can be used in a very positive way, such as with the possibility of making many people feel convinced that they are wrong deep down by the society that surrounds them, accepted by the simple comparison with distant people who suffer from the same problems and who feel alone. With their works both artists therefore try to make many other people feel less "wrong", to make sure that everyone is free to live their life as they want.

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