Mac and services are driving Apple's business

Mac and services are driving Apple's business
Never as good as in this Q3 2020: Mac sales brought over 9 billion dollars to the coffers of Cupertino between July and September (less than 7 billion a year ago). Excellent performance also for the iPad line, from 4.7 to 6.8 billion. It is a direct consequence of the dynamics triggered by the global health crisis and the rush to adopt tools to work from home in smart working mode, to follow the lessons of remote teaching and more simply to communicate remotely.

Apple, Q3 2020: Record Mac sales

Overall revenue stood at $ 64.7 billion, split between the $ 50.2 billion generated by products (-1.3 billion compared to 2019) and 14.6 billion of services (+2.1 billion). Net profit settled at 12.7 billion, down from 13.7 billion twelve months ago. It should be noted that the latest generation of iPhone, the 12, not yet on the market at the end of September, was not taken into account. Sales will be counted in Q4 2020.

Going back to Macs, it will be interesting to understand how the transition to Apple Silicon chips that will begin shortly will affect the numbers. Finally, let's reorganize that at the gates there is also the debut of Big Sur, a new iteration of the macOS operating system.

For the future, the Cupertino group seems to be looking in the direction of a further differentiation of its offer: in recent days we have returned to talk about the possibility that Apple is working on its alternative search engine to Google. A move that would inevitably shift some market equilibrium with repercussions also on the advertising business, still today the main source of income for bigG and its parent company Alphabet.

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