The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive? Bethesda boss "hard to imagine"

The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive? Bethesda boss hard to imagine
Almost a month has passed since one of the shock announcements of the year, we are obviously talking about Microsoft's purchase of Zenimax / Bethesda in one fell swoop. As happens very often in these situations, the public finds themselves in an unstable situation as it has not yet been fully understood whether the upcoming titles will soon be released only on Xbox. We know that the American company will decide game by game. Future titles that still do not have any publishing agreement will therefore certainly arrive on Xbox and PC, but for other platforms we will have to wait for information for each individual video game. Right now Todd Howard, during an interview with, was able to talk about the future of The Elder Scrolls 6.

The question obviously was whether it will actually be an exclusive console. Howard simply replied that it's "hard to imagine" for him. The head of Bethesda Studios added, however, that it would not be the first time that the two companies collaborated on the exclusivity of some titles. After all, Microsoft and Bethesda have had a stable relationship since the early 2000s, when Morrowind was released on Xbox, so never say never.

Howard said a bit what Microsoft said some time ago, that is, they will decide game by game. "We will decide what makes the most sense for our audience when the opportunity arises, and to date I can't really predict what the future holds." In short, right now neither Bethesda nor Microsoft know if The Elder Scrolls 6 will also be released on other platforms, if this were not the case it would be a nice checkmate for all PlayStation owners for example, a move that could lead to a counter move by Sony. We will then see what happens in the future, for now the head of Bethesda would seem quite skeptical of releasing The Elder Scrolls 6 only for Xbox.

What do you think of this news? Do you agree with the Bethesda boss's thinking? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned for all the news regarding The Elder Scrolls 6 and the next titles of the software house coming out soon.

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