PS5: Will Demon's Soul also be released on PS4? Initials from Sony

PS5: Will Demon's Soul also be released on PS4? Initials from Sony
Since Bluepoint Games' highly anticipated new project was unveiled, players around the world have begun to count the days since the release of this new edition of Demon's Souls for PS5</a>. Now that during Sony’s latest communication event we have discovered that the game will be part of the console’s launch line up, the anticipation has grown even more. According to what has recently been discovered on the net, however, it seems that the remake of the work by From Software may also arrive on PS4.

To suggest it is the same Sony, which it would have recently added to the PSN database of PlayStation 4 the soundtrack of Demon's Souls developed by Bluepoint. For now, the Japanese company has not released any statement on the possible release of the Ps5 launch title even on the current generation console, so many fans at the moment do not have a clear picture of the situation.

Demon Souls Soundtrack Added to Psn Database For PS4! Maybe a clue for Demon Souls coming for PS4 ??

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Of course if everything were to be confirmed, it would certainly not be the first case of an exclusive awaited and announced on PS5 also coming to the console of the previous generation. Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morale itself is a Sony cross gen exclusive title, as it will arrive on both PlayStation on launch day. It is therefore not so unlikely that even players who don't want to switch to PlayStation 5 right away will still enjoy the new Demon's Souls on their PS4s.

We just have to wait for official confirmation, while the countdown for the arrival of PS5 begins to become more and more exciting. What do you think of this possibility? Do you believe that the appearance of the Demon's Souls soundtrack on PSN is a clue from Sony? Tell us yours with a comment in the dedicated section.

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