Before the launch of PS5 and X Series, here is the launch of XBOne .. from 45m!

Before the launch of PS5 and X Series, here is the launch of XBOne .. from 45m!
We all look forward to the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the two next-generation consoles. PS5 will be available in Italy on November 19, 2020, while Xbox Series X and the "younger sister" Xbox Series S will arrive nine days earlier, or November 10, 2020. The launch of the two gaming machines, however, was anticipated by another launch , that of Xbox One. No, Microsoft hasn't released its "old" console again. The How Ridiculous team took care of this "launch": what are we talking about? Of a video where Xbox One is dropped from 45 meters high! Will she survive?

Will it be able to withstand 45 meters of drop? How Ridiculous didn't just throw a console from the top of a tower expecting a different result than pure destruction, it goes without saying. The YouTuber team packed five Xbox One with various protections, such as bed pillows and bubble wrap. One of the consoles was only "protected" by a rubber toy T-Rex. Obviously the ultimate goal of these videos is purely for fun and there is no real scientific method behind it, but we believe most viewers don't mind it. But here is the complete video of their feat.

The first test with the T-Rex, however, gives an incredible first result: with even a bit of luck, the toy is the one that undergoes the impact with the sandy ground (which limits the damage, let's remember, would be different with concrete). The most incredible part, however, is that the console was perfectly functional: the YouTubers connected the Xbox One to a TV and it started up without problems!

Obviously this is only one of the five tests performed, you can see all the details of their evidence in the video above. Tell us, how many consoles do you think survived (don't cheat, guess before the video ends!)?

We hope that the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X will have as positive results as those of Xbox One!

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