Apex Legends - Reloaded

Apex Legends - Reloaded
After the great success of the Battle Royale genre, the Respawn Entertainment team came forward in early 2019 with a new title: Apex Legends. The game recalls the events of Titanfall, thirty years after the second chapter. Initially, the new Battle Royale was seen as a potential arch rival of Fortnite, now evergreen after three years and also Free To Play. Well, initially it seemed to have succeeded in all respects, with 50 million downloads in just one month of its release. The game was announced and released with such speed as to surprise everyone: a bolt from the blue, in short, that we at Eurogamer.it had welcomed in a positive way.

On February 4, 2019, everything could have gone smoothly , and instead the players immediately found themselves having great difficulties in the gaming experience. Several technical problems immediately caused repeated crashes, to the point of causing great frustration to the player community. In those days the official forums were attacked by the players, looking for every possible suggestion to not crash the game but without particular success.

After nine days, ie February 13th, the first was released. patch in which some issues related to bugs and gameplay issues present in large numbers have been solved. Among these, the possibility of finding the gray screen on the occasion of the first connection in the lobby and the list of friends mistakenly offline. Honestly, this last bug still occurs occasionally, in fact, just a short time ago the opposite happened. The friends, actually offline, were online and even in the game, causing a lot of concern. We were the first to fear that our account had been hacked.

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