Ravensburger presents the Back to the Future board game

Ravensburger presents the Back to the Future board game
The board game publishing house Ravensburger, together with Universal Brand Development, presents during this Lucca Changes the board game inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy directed by Robert Zemeckis. Thanks to this game you will be able to relive the incredible deeds of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown, better known as Doc, the two characters played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, after 35 years from the debut of the first film.

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is available from October 29 in Italy (available for purchase online), and will allow players to relive all the historical eras seen in the film trilogy. It will start in 1985, the year in which the film is set and then move into the past of 1955, and then take a leap forward in the futuristic 2015 and finally go back to 1885. But how do you play Dice Through Time?

A collaborative game

This board game has the particularity of not making players compete with each other, but it is a totally collaborative experience. In fact, the players will have to join forces to win all together. The real enemy to beat is the metaphorical passing of time, which is the main obstacle to victory. Participants will need to navigate the main events of the three films and return the objects to the places and timeline they belong to before Game Over arrives. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is a game designed for a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 people. Among the game elements we find: the pawns that reproduce the legendary DeLorean, the iconic time machine seen in the films, those dedicated to Biff, the main antagonist of the story and the tokens Einstein, Doc's faithful dog.

The main board will be divided into 4 distinct sections representing the different eras in which Back to the Future takes place. Each era will then have a specific Biff token. Depending on the year chosen, each player will have their own DeLorean, along with 4 dice and a card. Then there will be: a deck of Item cards divided into difficulty levels, Event cards, to be taken based on the number of players, and paradox tokens. To start the game, the DeLorean must be placed in the Clock Tower space, the Biff pawns in Biff's departure space, and the "OUTATIME" marker on its start.

The course of the game

Once the preparations have been made, the youngest player will receive the starting player token and must draw the Event cards, then roll their dice together with those of the other players. Proceeding clockwise, each participant will have to resolve their Event cards being careful to avoid Biff and trying to avoid the other DeLoreans to avoid Game Over. Each player must then try to eliminate their paradox tokens. By resolving an Event card you can get an Object card which must then be returned to its place and time. Each time this happens, the “OUTATIME” marker is sent back and an Einsten token is drawn which will be available for all players to resolve events. The players will then have to work together to be able to solve all the events and return the objects to the correct place and time before the Game Over occurs. The recommended age for this game is from 10 years upwards, an average game generally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. Ideal for an evening with friends or family.

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