Xiaomi surpasses Apple: it is the third smartphone manufacturer in the world

Xiaomi surpasses Apple: it is the third smartphone manufacturer in the world

The Chinese manufacturer reached a market share of 13.1% in the smartphone sector in the last quarter, thus surpassing Apple which is paying for the delays in the launch of the latest iPhone

(Photo: Xiaomi) That's all the podium of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers in terms of number of deliveries. According to the data reported by International data corporation, in the third quarter of the year the drop in revenues reported by Apple allowed the Chinese company Xiaomi to overtake, which climbs to third position with 46.5 million smartphones delivered in the last three months, 42% more than in the same period last year.

The first two positions, on the other hand, are respectively occupied by Samsung, in first place with over 80 million phones delivered in the last three months, and by Huawei, which with its 51.9 million smartphones delivered is in second place. The Chinese giant, which was at the top of the ranking in July, has probably paid the bill for international tensions, reporting a decrease of 22% compared to September 2019, while for its part Samsung managed to achieve a growth of 2.9 % year on year.

Xiaomi's leap, which now reaches a market share of 13.1% in the smartpohone sector, is the culmination of a new strategy by the Beijing-based company that looks at global and in different sectors, from internet services to the production of different connected devices. Moreover, this success also derives from the growth in external markets compared to the Chinese one, such as in Europe, where in the last three months "Huawei's deliveries have dropped by 25%, while those of Xiaomi have grown by 88%", as is reads in the words of Canalys analyst Mo Jia, reported by Asia Nikkei.

Overall, for the first time in ten years, no US company is in the top three of the rankings. The more than 41 million iPhones delivered between July and September by Cupertino were not enough to make her earn the third step of the podium. Furthermore, according to data from IDC, Apple's deliveries would have fallen by 10% compared to the same period last year, when with 46.6 million deliveries the company was firmly anchored in the third position.

The decision to postpone the launch of the new iPhone 12 to mid-October, and the collapse in sales of its smartphones by 20% year on year, could also have been affected, as stated in the tax data reported by the company in recent days .

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