PS5 will end the console war, according to Norio Imanaka

PS5 will end the console war, according to Norio Imanaka
Japanese market analyst Norio Imanaka of the Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute has predicted that, during its life cycle, Sony's next PS5 console could reach such a high number in sales that it would definitively end the famous console war br>
The analyst is quite optimistic and believes that Sony's next-generation console could even dominate the esports scene by replacing the PC, greatly expanding its user base over its entire life cycle. It can be read in his report, in which Norio Imanaka clearly writes: "There is a possibility that PS5 could become the international standard platform for esports instead of a personal computer". Imanaka believes it is possible, precisely because the next-gen console of the Japanese giant will offer high specifications at a low price.

It will be for these reasons that, according to him, Sony should sell over 200 or 300 million PS5 consoles over 5-6 years. Furthermore, Imanaka does not rule out that such a console could even see up to 600 or 700 million units during its entire life cycle - although the sale of 200 to 300 million units for its next gaming platform is already a feat for Sony. . Selling up to 600-700 million units over the entire cycle of the next generation of gaming would mean that PS5 sales will be four or five times the total number of PS2 sales - which was the highest number. highest ever recorded for home gaming consoles.

For these reasons Imanaka, with a look to the future, imagines that PS5 will dominate the world commercial landscape, definitively putting an end to the historic war between consoles. According to him, Sony's next-gen console has the potential to do so, as as it states: "PS5 is aimed at a completely different dimension, diversifying from Switch, Xbox and even PS4" adding that "PS5 could be the terminator of the 'video game industry, putting an end to the long war of consoles ”concluding that PS5 will be precisely for this reason“ the new symbolic tower of the Sony Group ”.

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