Batwoman - here's Javicia Leslie in costume

Batwoman - here's Javicia Leslie in costume
The CW network has finally given a first look at Javicia Leslie, the new Batwoman lead, as outsider Ryan Wilder, wearing the new costume reworked from the one worn by Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) in the first season. >
Here are the two promotional images:

Javicia Leslie, the new Batwoman

Javicia Leslie, already seen in God Friended Me, has been chosen a few months ago, to replace Ruby Rose as Batwoman starting with Season 2, which debuts in mid-2021.

Javicia Leslie said she is extremely proud to be the first black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on TV, and as a bisexual woman, to be honored to be part of this series, which has been a trailblazer for the LGBTQ + community.

As previously reported Leslie will play a completely new and original character, Ryan Wilder, who will take on the mantle of Ba twoman and the legacy left by Kate Kane described as "lovable, messy, a little awkward and wild. Having no one to guide her over the years and keep her on track, she has been a drug courier for many years, challenging the Gotham police. Ryan lives in a van with his plant. A girl who could steal milk for a stray cat and kill you with her bare hands at the same time. A very dangerous type of fighter: very gifted but just as undisciplined. A declared lesbian. Not the usual American hero ”

Showrunner Caroline Dries also pointed out that Kate will not be killed but her disappearance will be one of the mysteries of Batwoman Season 2.

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Ruby Rose - the abandonment of the role of Batwoman

As mentioned, the actress replaces Ruby Rose who apparently already during the filming of the first season had expressed her bad mood both for the excessive commitment that a generalist series requires from an actor, about nine months a year, and in the specific case of Batwoman between two cities or Vancouver and Los Angeles both for the accident that involved a stunt that had forced her to have surgery to the face.

The whole thing was then reportedly exploded with the request of the actress to spend as little time as possible in costume which would have pushed for the casting with specific contractual requests.

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