Panini DC Italia - buying guide october 2020

Panini DC Italia - buying guide october 2020
We are back on time with our monthly space, which anticipates the first official Panini DC Italia releases by a few days as always.

October is a month consisting of 5 weeks so the releases actually started last week with the release of the volume DC Classic - The Best in the World 1. As always we will provide you with some details on the proposals you will find in the comic shop, bookshop or newsstand so that you can consciously direct your purchases.

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Panini DC Italia - purchasing guide October 2020

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Panini DC Italia - the regular universe

Panini DC Italia: the staples

BATMAN 9 (17 × 26, S., 48 pp., col. • € 5, contains: Batman (2016) # 83/84). Penultimate chapter for The city of Bane and therefore at the conclusion of the management signed by Tom King, with the issue coming out this month we will bea> able to sum up his work.

BATMAN 10 (17 × 26, S., 48 pp ., col. • € 5, contains: Detective Comics (1937) # 1016/1017). Right in the middle of the Year of the Criminal event, Batman and Mr. Freeze join forces. The best narrative arc of the creative team composed by Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke continues.

SUPERMAN 10 (17 × 26, S., 48 pp., Col. • € 5, contains: Superman # 23 / 24). We return overwhelmingly to the incredible revelation made by Superman, questioning, legitimately, whether his decision was made without any kind of restriction such as one related to magic or one of the few weaknesses of the Man of Steel.

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