PS5: will developers be able to block unofficial controllers?

PS5: will developers be able to block unofficial controllers?
Just a few moments ago we told you about the latest discoveries in terms of PS5's unannounced features made by some Reddit and Resetera users. In addition to the ability to create generational party crosses for up to 100 players, it seems Sony still has several new features in store on PlayStation 5 before the fateful day of day one arrives. Among these functions, one seems to relate to the new DualSense controller.

Also within the files of the Sony official site, discovered by some users recently, a particular function emerges that is connected with one of the most PS5 chats. We already know that the new DualSense will offer a whole new type of sensory experience within the different titles; this thanks to its adaptive triggers and haptic sensors. However, according to the post published on Reddit and Resetera, it seems that the use of these new features will be at the discretion of the various development teams.

At the moment Sony has not yet officially published all this new information, but having been unearthed in the files within its official website it is possible that the announcement is very close. As for what concerns the DualSense, from what emerges from these posts published on Reddit it is not excluded that the various development teams can work in different ways on the DualSense features in their games, as they could also block unofficial PS5 controllers. .

We remind you that PlayStation 5 is expected for next November 19th, when the Sony console will make its debut in the European market. What do you think of what emerged from Sony's files unearthed by Reddit and Resetera users? Tell us yours with a comment in the dedicated section.

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