TikTok survives in the USA: judge stops the ban

TikTok survives in the USA: judge stops the ban
Yet another twist in the intricate overseas affair that sees TikTok at the center: for the moment it will not disappear from the Play Store and App Store in the USA as the district judge Carl Nichols of Washington has issued a preliminary injunction that effectively makes us vain the order to ban the Trump administration.

Ban avoided for TikTok in the United States

The Department of Commerce commented on the news confirming that it has immediately taken action to comply with the decision. ByteDance, the company that controls the social network, applauds what was established yesterday and confirms that it wants to "continue to have a dialogue with the government" in order to convert the proposal, which has already won Trump's appreciation, into a real agreement. own.

The discussions focus on the terms of the handshake: Washington would like a 100% handover in the hands of American companies, while according to the draft contract currently on the table, the newborn TikTok Global (based in the Uniti) would be controlled only 20% by Oracle and Walmart, leaving the majority stake in the hands of the Chinese counterpart.

The ban threat is linked to alleged privacy risks for the 100 million US users on the platform, as well as issues related to national security.

A possible acquisition (Microsoft was also interested) should in any case get the green light from Beijing which just in recent weeks introduced a new law requiring local companies to obtain explicit authorization before selling. so-called "sensitive" technologies to foreign companies. The algorithms that regulate the indexing of content on the app seem to fall fully into this category.

Source: Reuters

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