Huawei opens a Cybersecurity & Transparency Center in Rome

Huawei opens a Cybersecurity & Transparency Center in Rome
Huawei has announced the opening of its Cybersecurity & Transparency Center in Rome, an important element of the Chinese group's strategy to position the brand at the center of innovation (and security) in the near future. The new initiative becomes the center of gravity of the dialogue between the company and our country, to consolidate the group's promises by opening up to dialogue through tangible signs of full transparency. Present at the presentation Luigi De Vecchis, President of Huawei Italy; Pietro Guindani, President of Asstel; Giuseppe Pignari, Cyber ​​Security Officer of Huawei Italia.

Huawei Cybersecurity & Transparency Center

The introduction is entrusted to Guindani, who first wanted to circumscribe the context: networks solicited by a number of ever greater accesses make infrastructures more delicate and sensitive, which inevitably brings security to the center of the discussion. The answer lies in the collaboration between companies and between institutions, since it is at these two levels that it will be possible to act to create effective and performing security perimeters. And again: "It is very clear to us that some principles are clear: collaboration between companies, the use of the best international experiences and dialogue (concrete, operational, technical) with the authorities".

Explains for his part, De Vecchis, clearly identifying the role that Huawei intends to play in this context: "5G is not the only engine of transformation: 5G is the enabling element, but the engine is in virtual / augmented reality, in 'artificial intelligence, in robotics, in industry 4.0 and in everything that uses the Net “.

To allow all this, however, it is necessary to take that long path that refers to the security of the networks themselves: it is a path that starts from the standardization committees, first of all, and arrives at a response to the pressures of geopolitics through the technology. This response takes shape in Italy in the Cybersecurity & Transparency Center "to let us" vivisect "and demonstrate that we are not what some governments say", a project that involves specific investments in the order of about 1 million euros.

Huawei Cybersecurity & Transparency Center

What Huawei has set up is a point of reference where anyone can put their hand at the "heart" of the group to understand what the company can offer in terms of security . In short, a way to resist the propaganda linked to the pressures that (especially by Donald Trump) in recent months have created a barrier of suspicion between the western and eastern blocs. The center wants to create an equal and opposite force, which opposes the allegations of transparency and which gives the role of arbitrator to anyone who is interested.

Huawei has elevated cyber security to its top priority since 2010 and since then we invested heavily in IT security research and development. The Cybersecurity and Transparency Centers are part of the strategy we have followed to date to allow Italian customers, partners, institutions and government to learn more and verify how Huawei is facing the Cyber ​​Security challenge in all its processes and products

Giuseppe Pignari, Cyber ​​Security Officer of Huawei Italy

"The attack surface available to cybercriminals is multiplying enormously by virtue of the increase in devices connected to the Internet" : this is why all the players in the supply chain must be involved, making sure that the entire system knows how to keep pace with the innovation and pitfalls it will present.

5G, as an enabling element, inevitably it will represent a central element in the international digital security chain. Huawei has invested heavily in this front (over 4 billion dollars at the end of 2019) and today, in order to carry out these efforts, the group is calling for teamwork that involves everyone. The birth of a Cybersecurity & Transparency Center in Italy (the sixth in the series) responds to the "Many Hands, Many Eyes" policy that puts Huawei solutions in the hands of those who intend to try them, verify them and evaluate their goodness.

The opening of the center of Rome, dedicated to customers, partners and institutions, intends to include Huawei in the debate that will lead to the next acceleration of our country on the 5G front. Three objectives set by the group behind this experience:

experience and communication, to ensure maximum information on Huawei solutions:

"The Center will illustrate end-to-end cyber security practices adopted by Huawei for security and privacy, from strategies to the supply chain, to Research and Development, to products and solutions. It will provide customers with the opportunity to experience new technologies and related cyber security challenges. In addition, a structure will be available in which workshops, training courses and "cooperation and innovation" events will be carried out, to evaluate the safety standards pursued:

"Huawei will collaborate with industry partners to study and promote the development of security standards and verification mechanisms, in order to facilitate technological innovation in the field of information security throughout the sector. The Center will also take care of acknowledging the requests in terms of security requirements from the Italian government, customers and the sector, in order to provide better solutions and contribute to the development of the Italian security sector and ecosystem "tests and verifications, allowing customers and companies to offer maximum openness in verifying security requirements:

"Huawei's Cyber ​​Security Transparency Center will be open to customers and governmental and independent testing organizations, who will be invited to perform impartial and independent security audits in accordance with industry recognized cyber security standards and best practices. The Huawei Centers are equipped with dedicated testing environments to provide customers and third parties with the Huawei products, software, technical documentation, testing tools and technical support required "Huawei specifies in particular how the products can be analyzed in "Black box", also putting his hand directly to the source codes in search of any element of fragility that could question the goodness of Huawei production. Because this is what the group seeks: to leverage transparency to gain the utmost trust from all stakeholders who may have an interest in testing, products, innovation and the Huawei universe. The message to Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State who has just landed in Rome for an institutional visit, is anything but indirect.

And the message is clear also towards Italy: despite the Entity List, despite the restrictions on semiconductors, despite the geopolitical pressures, Huawei intends to continue investing in our country. No step backwards, as the vision is stronger than the obstacles that the US is trying to oppose.

The project starts today and will end by September 2021, when the definitive inauguration of the premises is expected and the start of full operation of the center.

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