The Chinese hybrid van that looks like the old Volkswagen T1

The Chinese hybrid van that looks like the old Volkswagen T1

Songsan Motors Summer, presented at the Beijing Auto Show, clearly refers to the iconic Volkswagen of the flower children in the shapes

Songsan-Summer | Credit: Chinese car manufacturers often offer car designs that often refer to existing models, but, beyond the exterior, they are creating interesting vehicles from a technical point of view. The Beijing Auto Show (26 September - 5 October) is an opportunity to see all the most interesting news. Among the houses that have caused the most stir is Songsan Motors, which presented a modern replica of the 1958 Corvette C1, but, above all, a retro-inspired minivan called Summer.

Looking at the Songsan Motors Summer one has the impression of being in the presence of something already seen and, specifically, of the iconic Volkswagen T1 van. Similarities that are especially noticeable in the front characterized by round headlights and arrows and a triangular shaped hood section painted white. The wheel rims are also decidedly retro, with a mirrored surface and striking chrome plating, as well as the spare wheel anchored midway up the tailgate.

The rear occupants can enter the van using the sliding door. Once inside there are three rows of seats; in the second row there is a seat that can be folded and used as a table. In addition, thanks to the roof that raises upwards, passengers have the opportunity to stand up and look outside.

Internally, the Songsan Motors Summer has upholstery covered in cream-colored leather, a material also present on the dashboard, center console and door panels. The instrumentation is modern in design, the analog speedometer is in fact replaced by a small digital instrument panel and in the center of the dashboard there is also a large screen to manage all the functions of the multimedia system.

Songsan Summer is powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 1.5-liter turbo-petrol engine and an electric unit powered by a 16 kWh battery.

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