What is VPS hosting? All about virtual servers

What is VPS hosting? All about virtual servers
Shared, dedicated, cloud hosting or VPS hosting? Depending on the needs of your site and the objectives to be achieved, you can choose one of the many hosting solutions on the market.

In this guide we will give you a hand in understanding what VPS hosting is and how</a> it works , why choose it and when to prefer it to other solutions.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. The VSP uses virtualization technology to “divide” the space of a physical machine into multiple virtual servers. In other words, it is a virtual server that functions as a physical server, hosted on a machine together with other virtual servers ("isolated" from each other), each with its own OS, its dedicated resources, its applications .

How a virtual private server works

VPS hosting uses virtualization software to create a virtual server on physical space and allocate part of the resources to it. The database of a site hosted on a VPS can therefore count on guaranteed resources: RAM, disk space, bandwidth, CPU. Unlike shared hosting, by choosing VPS there will be no sharing of resources with other websites.

Choosing a virtual private server means being able to have control over every aspect of your space with dedicated features.

Said perhaps a little loosely but clearly, VPS hosting works in a very similar way to dedicated hosting.

What are the advantages of a VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting: it offers advantages very similar to those of a dedicated server, but at more affordable prices.

The first obvious advantage, already mentioned, is control: thanks to independent root access, you can install configuration files and firewalls, specific software and plugins, choose o change your OS, customize IP address, manage outbound and inbound ports, use advanced settings. In addition, some providers offer a fully managed service, so you can have all the advantages of a VPS without necessarily being a developer.

Flexibility and scalability are two other great advantages of VPS: buying packages and features, increasing or assign resources to this or that site (if the virtual space hosts several sites of the same administrator), upgrade or downgrade according to needs (traffic peaks, sales growth, etc.)

Other aspects not to be neglect are security and reliability, much higher than shared hosting.

VPS vs Dedicated hosting

What is the difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting? Apparently, the VPS offers similar, almost overlapping functionality and performance of dedicated hosting. However, it must be remembered that the VPS represents a portion of "virtual" space within a server, while dedicated hosting is, in fact, a physical server available to the customer, therefore with a guarantee of even higher performance.

In other words, with VPS you have a virtual private server on a physical server that can host other VPSs. With dedicated hosting you have a server dedicated only to your website.

The difference between the two solutions is also in the price: dedicated hosting is usually more expensive. The VPS is ideally placed halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting: it may be the most appropriate choice for a website that was recently born but with growth ambitions.

When you start need a virtual private server?

In this regard, it is good to understand if and when to choose a hosting solution based on VPS. There are several reasons that could lead you to opt for a virtual private server: let's see the main ones together.

Your business is growing and receiving more traffic

As mentioned, VPS hosting is a virtual private server reserved for your website. Having dedicated resources, without sharing them with other customers, means having better performances, without the risk of the site slowing down or, worse, crashing. Consequently, if your company website, or your personal website (blog, professional website, etc.) is growing and traffic increases, you might consider choosing VPS hosting. Also remember that VPS allows you to scale resources and features according to your needs.

You want to run applications that your shared hosting plan doesn't offer

VPS hosting is synonymous with control. Having root access to the virtual server means being able to install proprietary or third-party software not included in the shared hosting plan. In addition, many applications need servers with maximum performance available, 24 hours a day: let's think of online payment apps (with relative security certificate) or booking apps, for example. This is why in case of using specific software, the VPS is ideal: having server administrator privileges and being able to install and configure specific applications essentially translates into a better performance of your site in terms of performance and user. experience.

You are looking for more security and reliability

We have already said that VPS hosting, compared to shared hosting, gives greater guarantees in terms of security and reliability.

A site hosted on VPS has dedicated resources in terms of CPU, RAM and bandwidth: this means that the risks of slowing down, or worse down, of the site, are much lower than with shared hosting. In addition, thanks to root access, it is possible to install customized anti-malware and firewalls. This is why, if you are looking for security and reliability for your site, a VPS is the solution with an excellent cost / benefit ratio.

You want more control over your server

Unlike the 'shared hosting, a VPS hosting allows you, if you have adequate computer skills, to manage your space on the web as you wish. Having root access will allow you to control all aspects of the server and customize services and functionalities, tailoring them to your site.

Choosing the right hosting VPS

Now let's see, in brief, what aspects to consider when choosing a VPS hosting.

Linux or Windows environment

Before purchasing a VPS hosting package, make sure it is compatible with your preferred operating system: Linux or Windows.

Both OS are characterized by ease of use, speed and stability. Windows guarantees perfect integration with Windows solutions, Linux, in addition to its own distributions, offers many free applications, software and CMS. Windows is perfect for those who want to create an application independently and use Asp, Asp.net or PHP. Linux, on the other hand, is mainly used to create dynamic websites, with PHP language.

IT server management included

Many providers offer the management, more or less advanced, of many aspects of their VPS, including setup, feature and service monitoring, backup, and emergency assistance. Therefore, if you have the skills to manage the virtual private server yourself, you will have the possibility to customize it as you wish, scaling the functions, resources and installing the most suitable applications for the site. If, on the other hand, you want to be "accompanied" in managing the server, you can choose to have the hosting provider help you in controlling it, by choosing a preconfigured VPS package.

Redundancy and scalability

In information technology, redundancy is the ability of a system to duplicate functions in order to guarantee continuity of service. Choosing a VPS hosting plan that offers redundancy will allow you to reduce the possibility of malfunctions, slowdowns or, worst case scenario, that the site goes offline.

Many VPS hosting plans also allow you to scale the service to according to your needs: you can add features and applications only when you need them.

Cloud-based or conventional

Several web hosting providers offer cloud-based VPS solutions, i.e. hosted in cloud infrastructures instead than on a physical server. Cloud hosting is based on a cluster of virtual servers: this means having fewer problems, more continuity of service, less risk of downtime, since the site database is not on a single machine but on a cluster of servers that "virtualize" the data .

Customer support

An aspect not to be overlooked at all is customer support. Choose a hosting provider that guarantees you timely intervention in case of problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the VPS is usually reliable, stable, and safe, it doesn't mean there can't be any site malfunctions, slowdowns or drops. Make sure the VPS hosting package you purchase also includes fast and effective customer support.


We've already mentioned that VPS is a cheaper solution than dedicated hosting. , while offering similar functionality. If you are looking for an excellent middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, a virtual private server is the one for you. Providers usually offer various VPS hosting packages, with more or less features and more or less expensive.

What are the best VPS cloud services

Now let's take a quick look to some of the best VPS cloud services on the market.


An Italian hosting provider that offers high standards in packages designed to meet the most diverse needs. The reviews on the web highlight the excellent assistance service, available 24 hours a day.

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Another excellent Italian hosting provider that offers modular services for every need and at affordable prices. There is also support for users, precise and punctual.

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Reliability and seriousness are two of the characteristics of Serverplan, from years one of the most popular Italian hosting. Quality services, affordable prices, 24-hour assistance, security: nothing is missing.

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One in the most known on the Italian scene, which offers many hosting packages and services with a good quality / price ratio. Customer support is guaranteed through multiple channels.

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Bulgarian hosting provider (but with datacenter also in Milan), SiteGround is a company that offers both entry-level packages and solutions for advanced projects. It guarantees high performance and offers 24/7 customer service.

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An established Italian hosting provider able to offer services of quality and good level assistance at more than reasonable prices. The packages are the most diverse, so as to offer the best solution based on present and future needs.

>> Go to the Netsons product list

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