How to install and configure a VPN

How to install and configure a VPN
Nowadays, installing a VPN on your PC is not that complicated, in fact, just download the applications of one of the many services born in recent years and you're done. The use of a VPN, in addition to protecting you from unwanted eyes, also opens up many possibilities of use that were not possible before, such as enjoying streaming services with catalogs from other countries.

In this article we will explain how install and configure a VPN on your PC with Windows 10 or on a smartphone and also which are the best VPN services currently on the market, so as to also understand which one to choose according to your needs. There are also alternative ways to install one, without using third party software, in this article you will find those too, to get a complete overview.

Checking compatibility

Checking the compatibility of your device is the preventive step that must be done before anything else. Currently, VPN services compete heavily on compatible devices, as the service each company offers is pretty much the same, as the purposes don't change. So, in addition to competing on price, they battle on compatible devices, which are really a lot.
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