Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, a new release period is quite close

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, a new release period is quite close
Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is still the protagonist of rumors, this time concerning a rather close release period, or the month of October 2020, although the game could face a further delay due to the coronavirus emergency that could upset a Little about Electronic Arts plans.

The idea of ​​an upcoming arrival in the autumn of Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is reinforced by the usual Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat journalist who lately populates the pages of sites and magazines as all-round insider, even if to tell the truth, reliability has yet to be fully demonstrated. However, several pieces of information have turned out to be spot on so far, so let's take this into consideration too.

During a recent episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, Grubb said quite clearly that he saw evidence regarding the development of Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, that is. a remastered version, although it is not clear to what extent, of the original BioWare sci-fi trilogy, a product that many users have been waiting for.

According to Grubb, the release of the remastered collection would be scheduled for early October 2020, but the plans could be modified by the Coronavirus emergency which could move the release further, thus marking a postponement for the launch of Mass Effect Trilogy.

We have been talking about this remaster for a while now , with the release of the art book whose timing reinforces the rumors about the Remaster and the plan to launch a new remaster to be released by March 2021 by Electronic Ar ts that made us think of Mass Effect. However, at the moment there is still nothing official about the existence of this project.


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