Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: upcoming announcement?

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: upcoming announcement?
For some time there has been discussion about the possibility that EA Games is working on a remaster of the Mass Effect triology, rumors that are particularly tantalizing after the spread of a leak that could really confirm it. These rumors also informed us that in each of the three remastered games we will not simply notice a graphic improvement, but also some changes related to the user interface and gameplay.

The rumors continue to spread and the most well-known insiders are always more determined to convince us of the veracity of these rumors, confirming that the game will arrive before the end of the year, and if so, it is predicted September 29, 2020 as the release date on PlayStation 4.

To spread the news was a British retailer, GAME, who disclosed a photo in which the name of the game is qualified as "N7". However, the leak that the retailer released was not widely considered. To rekindle the spirits of hope, however, was a user called "jmamaz" who stated on Reddit that he was able to book the triology of Mass Effect Remastered and did so directly from the store app - a possibility also confirmed by the user “Waymantis”, also on Reddit. A receipt was also released on the web to testify what was declared.

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