Intel: goodbye SSD Toolbox, welcome Memory and Storage Tool

Intel: goodbye SSD Toolbox, welcome Memory and Storage Tool
Intel SSD Toolbox has been the leading Intel SSD maintenance program for nearly a decade, but the company has decided to end its support and replace it with a new application called Intel Memory and Storage Tool. Intel has rather discreetly announced this change by posting a notice on the SSD Toolbox download page.

Recall that these tools allow you to monitor the status of your SSDs. For example, you can perform firmware updates that will improve the efficiency and reliability of your devices, or see the general status of your drives, check SMART indicators to make sure your NAND flash memory is not damaged, view usage of storage space as well as full SSD details, such as serial numbers and model numbers.

Intel is replacing the SSD Toolbox program due to its inability to update enterprise SSD firmware. The new tool has a very different aesthetic than the old application, but currently lacks some features previously present, such as secure erase and diagnostic tests. Furthermore, there is no option for general system optimization. Almost certainly, such shortcomings will be remedied with future versions of the software.

Intel will stop producing new versions of SSD Toolbox from next month, which means that it will soon no longer be possible to use it for new firmware updates, so we strongly recommend that you switch to the new application as soon as possible.

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