Huawei smartphones may no longer be updated

Huawei smartphones may no longer be updated
From now on, Huawei smartphones with factory pre-installed GApps may be excluded from future updates. A license that allowed to do so, signed more or less in the period of the Ban, has just expired.

All this opens up new scenarios, once again. To continue guaranteeing support, this license needs to be renewed but we doubt Trump is willing to give the green light. Current reports appear much more skewed than they already were last year and there is a categorical rejection of Huawei.

The watershed date is May 16, 2019: Huawei smartphones and tablets could be marketed before with Google services pre-installed, after the presence it failed for obvious reasons. However, for both situations, the 2-year security patch support remained unchanged. Now things could change.

According to reports from the Washington Post, which indicated that the license had a time limit, the latter has expired and to continue with support is of primary importance. This means that if a solution is not found, Huawei smartphones will no longer be able to receive the classic monthly Android security patches and even Google-related App updates.

If the license is not renewed - such as the agreement with TSMC we talked about here - both old and new smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer will likely have a security handicap. And compared to the other competitors with Android OS it is already very disadvantaged.

Also, if it were no longer renewed, it could be the right opportunity to push the accelerator on Harmony OS since everything that depends on Google it is slowly fading.

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