GT Omega Titan Cockpit test: In the race for the big guys

GT Omega Titan Cockpit test: In the race for the big guys
Specifications Type Fixed integral cockpit Adjustable seat Front / Rear and backrest Crank angle Adjustable in steps Depth of the crankset Adjustable in steps Steering wheel adjustment Double axle Gear lever support Included Handbrake support No Screen support Separate and optional Keyboard and mouse support No Buttkicker and motion No Dimensions 55-70 x 140 x 115 cm (with seat and shifter) The latest in GT Omega manufacturing lines, the Titan model represents for the Scottish brand a significant move upmarket in the world of virtual racing cockpits, with curvaceous lines, large steel tubes and a very thick seat for a price that barely exceeds the 500 € mark. Rigidity, ease of use, compatibility and finishes, let's see what this set really has in the belly.

It took us almost forty minutes, together, to assemble the frame with the tools provided, install the seat slides, mount the wheelchair on the assembly, and finally add the gear lever support series. A time to which we must add an additional quarter of an hour for the positioning of a first flywheel, a gear lever, and the crankset, with the screws provided. Crankset which can also be adjusted in inclination and depth to adapt to all sizes of players. Well, almost all of them since, according to our tests, you still have to measure at least 1.50m in order to be able to take control of the Titan, when a fellow two meters high will fit in perfectly. Knowing that just with the set of seat slides, without touching the adjustment of the pedal or the steering wheel, the cockpit can easily be made usable by players with a height difference of 30 centimeters.

And it is not wrong that they don't have too much to manipulate the plate to the crank, the elements of which maintain, and including nuts welded to the inside of the fixing points have shown some weaknesses at the level of the screw after only a dozen changes of position or bracket. What remember that the Titan is not a cockpit pro that you can carry from one convention to the other, but a model to use in a home , with a bit of dismantling/refitting study.

But please note, once this is fixed, it no longer moves. The plate of the pedal and has only been retained by just two points at the front, you really need to support at the bottom, well beyond the 100 kg, to see a slight twist of the metal. The cockpit is therefore perfectly compatible with the models to the pressure sensor, such as the ClubSport from Fanatec , or with the recent T-LCM of Thrustmaster (the latter with the addition of two additional holes on the plate). We have also had no trouble placing our crank Logitech (G25, g27 resin, G29, G923), Thrustmaster (T300/TX/T150/TMX - 2 pedals or T3PA/T3PA Pro / T-GT - 3 pedals-) or Fanatec CS (v3, v3 inverted, CSL Elite).

Without reaching the level of the models pro, the Titan is still, overall, a model of rigidity, both in terms of its chassis, its bracket, or the bracket of the steering wheel. For the latter, the manufacturer has opted for a dual-axis to slightly play with the angle of the steering wheel fixing. A little too lightly all the same so that the patella has a real significant impact on the height and the depth. And if the rigidity of the system is good, it is to condition out the muscles to tighten the two screws on the inside. What are they that prevent the steering wheel to switch back and forth during movements, and the slightest weakness in the tightening may lead to dropouts, especially with the ruffles powerful. There is a lack of after us a little security in this place, or a second screw for slide , story that one can more easily change the setting without risking running out of clamp.

nevertheless, It is an opportunity for us to ensure that, when properly tightened, this system has received successively the forces of a G923 , a T300RS , a T-GT , but especially those of a Fanatec DD1 , loaned by the mark for the occasion and used 50% of its power. Despite the force of the engines, we have not had to deplore the lower flexibility of the support or its setting, nor had need to tighten anything after a big hundred hours of game play with DD1. On this side there it is very clean. Ca is still insufficient to mount the DD1 to 100%, switch to the DD2, or even look on the side of a Simcube, all of these models largely exceeding the 15 Nm and requiring a lateral support, not provided by GT Omega.

Available from 350€ on the website of the manufacturer for the chassis alone, including shipping, the bill climbs to $ 500 for a model with a seat included, and up to 550€ for the one that we have tested, namely the XL RS . The latter offers a finish in imitation leather with a thick padding, far enough away from the austerity of the bucket seat, but without the maintenance characteristic of this kind of seat, the backrest being really flexible. What to bring comfort to a player who has more the feeling of driving a sedan than a single-seater, which is also significant on the long sessions . Note the presence of a controller for the adjustment of the angle of the backrest, to further optimize the position of the game. In all cases, it is all the same on a position of type GT and don't think to be able to switch in mode F1 by playing with the angles of the pedals, seat and steering wheel.

The Titan is base supplied with the gear lever bracket . A system that allows for positioning on 3 axes, longitudinal, lateral, and height, so that we can place the lever with precision. Rigid enough to accommodate any accessories (we have tested with the Driving Force Shifter to Logitech, the TH8A Thrustmaster, and the Shifter SQ of Fanatec), it supports both hand brakes. Only regret, GT Omega does not offer a support double or extended to place a shifter and a hand brake at the same time . And for those who don't use, or very rarely, a module for the right hand (or left, since it installs both sides), the removal and replacing of the support is done in a few seconds with the help of an Allen key.

The Titan does not support screen. It should therefore be placed facing the television set, in front of the office, or the acquisition of a foot independent to place his screen (this takes between 90€ and 200€, from the simple to the triple screen, on the site of GT Omega). There is not, at the time of writing this test, support for a keyboard and a mouse. We may regret the quality of the management of cables that are currently provided, namely, of simple mounting clips, neither effective nor aesthetic.

For the rest, we have a lot of fun to practice this Titan , a model that is stable on its adjustable legs, comfortable with its headquarters thick, and he knew how to accept without flinching the full range of equipment that we have introduced. Aesthetically successful, with a painting rather qualitative, it should make the happiness of the drivers, regular and ranks of course among our references favorite in the category of cockpits public. He misses nevertheless of a little walking out of the cockpits pro, because of some of the elements that are lacking practicality and durability , but offers a level of remarkable performance in light of its price point, regardless of the type of steering wheel or pedals that you plan to install it.

notes + positive Points A good level of chassis rigidity of The support wheel which does not move (if it is tight at the bottom) The support bracket that absorbs the pressure adapts very well to all sizes of adult A comfortable seat with back rest adjustment The gear lever bracket very practical and All screws of the steering wheel and accessories is provided, The floor space is quite contained negative Points Adjust the angle of the pedal could be better and the fragile management of the passage of the cables to revisit the possibility of having hand brake and speed simultaneously Not support built-in screen No stand keyboard/mouse The new cockpit GT Omega is clearly a success. Success aesthetic and functional with a tube of steel painted the most beautiful effect, giving the frame sufficient rigidity to be forgotten in the game, regardless of the type of hardware you are using. A nice reference for home use, as an amateur, that one is in search of comfort or performance.

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