Doctor Strange BATTLE ON TITAN EDITION (Avengers / Infinity War) from Tamashii Nations

Doctor Strange BATTLE ON TITAN EDITION (Avengers / Infinity War) from Tamashii Nations
After several months, Tamashii Nations announces a new Doctor Strange for its S.H.Figuarts line taken from Avengers Infinity War, inspired by the battle against Thanos on the planet Titan. This line of figures is dedicated to various brands that move from the world of cinema to that of comics such as these appeared in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This new version of the Sorcerer Supreme will be completely updated of the previous one, enriching it with details and accessories not included before.

The Doctor Strange action figure will be made of PVC, extremely positionable and will have a height of about 15 cm. . Inside the box we will find several interchangeable parts and as we see from the photos, they will be accessories such as transparent plastic effects for the simulation of magic, but also interchangeable hands, two alternative faces and finally they have replaced the plastic cloak of the previous versions with the fabric one with the iron wire.

Among the main protagonists of Avengers Infinity War, we find Doctor Strange played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. All the Avengers seen so far on the big screen will have to come together to be able to defeat the mighty Thanos, in the most spectacular showdown of all time. In addition to his magical powers, Doctor Strange holds two mystical artifacts that give him additional powers: the Eye of Agamotto which holds the Time Gem and the Cape of Levitation which allows him to fly.

The cost of the new Doctor Strange Battle on Titan Edition will be 8 .800 Yen and will be released in January 2021 in Japan.

At the time of pre-orders we have no news regarding the distribution of the figures outside the Japanese borders due to the presence of some problems related to the rights of the brands used.

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