CenturyLink responsible for yesterday's global down

CenturyLink responsible for yesterday's global down
Yesterday a considerable number of platforms and online services encountered more than one difficulty. Not just any downtime, but a hitch that caused a temporary drop in global Internet traffic of 3.5%. The cause of everything was attributed to a CenturyLink problem.

CenturyLink problem: -3.5% of Internet traffic

Affected access to sites, portals and services such as Amazon, Twitter , Xbox Live, EA, Blizzard, Steam, Feedly, Discord, Reddit, Hulu and OpenDNS just to name a few. The reports came mainly from Europe and the United States. Cloudflare was also down, intervening quickly to provide updates and indicated the person responsible in a third-party transit provider. These are the words of CTO John Graham-Cumming.

Today we have witnessed a widespread malfunction of the Internet affecting several providers. Cloudflare's automated systems have identified the problem and tried to remedy it, but its extension still required manual intervention.

Cloudflare is aware of network related issues caused by a third-party transit provider incident. We are working to mitigate the problem. Please follow the status page here: https://t.co/9DSYq0HIa7

- Cloudflare Help (@CloudflareHelp) August 30, 2020

Based in Monroe, in Lousiana, CenturyLink in 2017 acquired the operator Level 3 Communications for an economic outlay quantified in 34 billion dollars, thus entering the telco market. Today it is the third largest company in the sector in the USA after AT&T and Verizon. In the short statement released following the incident, she apologized for the incident.

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