One Piece, Eiichiro Oda confirms that he wants to end the manga

One Piece, Eiichiro Oda confirms that he wants to end the manga
One Piece, its author Eiichiro Oda and the end of the manga. A triangle destined to inflame fans and readers from all over the world for the next few months because Eiichiro Oda has granted a new television interview, organized by the Arashi band that is circulating these hours on Japanese televisions, in which he confirmed again that his intentions are those to finish the manga within the next 4, 5 years.

The author then corroborates the statements made in the interview published on One Piece Magazine 10 leaked last month and will bea> released on September 4 in Japan in which he declared he wanted to collect the ideas for the ending after the narrative arc of Wano Country.

In this last television interview, Oda also confirmed that he had already submitted some ideas to his editors, while not leaning further on content or timing. Is Oda really willing to trace the path towards the end?

The One Piece manga is published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics which has published 94 of the 96 volumes available so far; the anime, on the other hand, has reached 927th and is transposing the narrative arc of Wano Country. In Italy, the version dubbed by the Mediaset networks, is stopped at episode 578 while it is legally visible, with Italian subtitles on the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

A few weeks ago Edizioni Star Comics announced the publication of the novel One Piece Novel A in Italy, click HERE for details. While it released Volume 94 on June 3 last year.

Finally, we also recall that a Netflix live action television series produced by Tomorrow Studios and ITV Studios is in the works. Steven Maeda will be showrunner and co-writer with Matt Owens (Luke Cage, Agents of SHIELD, The Defenders) while Marty Adelstein (Prison Break, Teen Wolf), Becky Clements (Cowboy Bebop, Snowpiercer, Hanna) and Eiichiro Oda will be producers executive.
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