Microsoft 365, 44% discount: only for today

Microsoft 365, 44% discount: only for today
The discount is valid only for today, but it is a discount that brings Microsoft 365 to a price well below the average of the last few months. Anyone who wants to have access to all the Office tools (now under the "Microsoft 365" package) can therefore take advantage of it within the next few hours, taking everything home for just € 54.99 against the € 99 list price.

Microsoft 365, only for today -44%

The guaranteed discount is therefore equal to 44% with the further possibility to choose whether to receive the installation code instantly (via email) or by shipping via mail.

The subscription can be shared between six people of the same family unit, it can be used on an unlimited number of devices (therefore each member of the family can use it on both PC and tablet or smartphone) and the package includes all traditional Office applications (W ord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook). In addition, Microsoft offers 1TB of free cloud storage space to each of the components that activate the offer.

The "September offers" therefore start with a bang, making themselves immediately noticed for discounts of great impact (please note in parallel also the -74% available for McAfee antivirus) which in the next few weeks could involve other products and other brands. The group then warms up its engines in view of the autumn season, starting to bring users closer to the marketplace through attractive offers with an indispensable discount.

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