Paola Pisano: digital as a school subject

Paola Pisano: digital as a school subject
"Dear director, with the Covid 19 pandemic, Italy has lost the lives of over 35,000 people and is going through a phase in which many are suffering the direct and indirect consequences of the virus. We have a duty to ensure that this painful page of our history is followed by others of different sign. To do this, it is essential to spread awareness: an extensive joint effort is needed so that the test to which our society is subjected is also the premise for changes that remedy our weaknesses ": with these words the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Paola Pisano, introduced a letter to Repubblica in which she expresses a strong and clear concept: digital skills must also and above all pass through the school.

In a letter to @repubblica I stressed the importance of introduce a new subject in school curricula dedicated to teaching digital skills. This is the proposal I made to the Minister of Education @AzzolinaLucia

- Paola Pisano (@PaolaPisano_Min) August 29, 2020

The data inexorably reject the Italians: the skills in terms of digital literacy are extremely low, which places us fully among the digital illiterates of Europe. This means losing very important opportunities, because knowing how to use a smartphone is certainly not enough to really understand how the Internet works, what its mechanisms are, what its authentic rules, what the opportunities it offers beyond social networks.

"Students could acquire various skills: from the history of innovation to cyber security to the use of #bigdata and #MachineLearning (learning by machines) to new #technologies suitable for #sustainable development" https: //

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